7tv - Vlads Army - landing at Charters Cottage

This is the first scenario, some of the Home Guard with support from some Local Defence Volunteers are out patrolling. They are looking for German aircrew from downed planes or possible saboteurs or other 5th columnists.
The group are patrolling past Mr Godfrey's cottage, when something dark swoops overhead and touches down in the nearby farmland.

It was indeed something dark and sinister, a DFS 230 glider skidded to a halt and disgorged a nightmare cargo. Major Shreck and his Nactjager Kommandos had arrived.
Here is Godfrey's cottage, unfortunately his sisters are home so the squad need to ensure their safety.
The Vampires and their Totenganger servants advance to secure the nearby area and round up any locals before they could raise the alarm. They could also provide extra rations for the vampires.
The Home Guard are making their way to the cottage and its stonewalled garden. 
The undead are spreading out. A couple of unfortunatel locals have fallen into their clutches. Alan was doing a great job of maximising the movement synergies of the wolves to allow his units to move closer faster. Some of the Totengangers were left behind to guard the plane and act as a strategic reserve.
The Home Guard have moved into the cottage. Mr Brown has entered the cottage and is interacting with one of Mr Godfrey's sisters. (Alan then said, not on 1970s BBC you won't.)

Two great slavering wolves have jumped into the garden, Private Pike is being attacked by one of the half blood and Lance Corporal Jones is fighting another. Sgt Wilson moved over and dominated one of the wolves who then went on a rampage.
In the last turn, Sgt Wilson moved onto an objective instead of attacking the vampire halfblood fighting Jonesy. Normally this is a good move but the rules of this scenario meant you didn't get any points for recovering objectives. 
The scenario ended in a nil all draw.
The scenario is fun but the victory conditions don't encourage players to play the mission. The Home Guard can just clump up in a corner or maybe the cottage and dare the undead to come close.


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