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First game of 40K

Last weekend I played my first game of 40K. It has been a long time. I played about 5 games of eight edition and no 9th ed games. So it's been a while and the rules are a bit different and a bit more like Kill Team on steroids. I took my knights out for a spin against Ed's Imperial Fists. I have three Questoris knights and 4 Armigers. With the new rules you don't pay points for upgrades so you get a knight with all the trimmings. Here we are after the first turn. The white knight is quite heavily damaged. The Knight Warden and the Armiger have attacked the tactical squad which is bodyguarding the warlord and his Lieutenant. There are a couple of scouts left in the ruins at the bottom of the hill. The scouts in the ruins at the top have been exterminated. The ruins around the objective used to have a devastator squad and a dreadnought. At the back of the table is my Warlord. The Crusader is providing fire support with its rolling barrages (when I remembered the special rules

Hobby Update - Borg Terrain

To go with my away team models, I have been inspired to make some Borg themed wreckage terrain. Inspired by this scene from Star Trek Enterprise. I am building a ship wall. This is a mix of foam core cardboard and paper straws. This is the other side. The piece is now on a base and some floors have been added. Once I have finished building the terrain, I will cut it up into wreckage with either my dremel or my jigsaw. This will give me several pieces of terrain. The build process is nice and relaxing and very organic. I can build whatever shapes I want.  

7TV - going where no game has gone before

 Alan and I played a game of 7TV on Saturday down at the club. We used the Pulp rules but used my new Star Trek miniatures. Alan took the Federation and I took the Klingons. We used the 7TV Pulp rules, which is appropriate for the show we were playing. Once again the game came down to the last turn and the last rolls of the game.  This is the table we created, this is one of my Cigar battlemats with my Gale Force 9 rocky terrain and some trees from my collection. The tower is a piece of Battle Kiwi terrain. As Spock said, "Its a franchise Jim but not as we know it". Here are the Klingons. Its the Federation sir, thousands of them. "good, more for us to kill" The Federation run forwards.  The Klingons shoot down a couple of away team members. The Klingons advance. A cheap special effect knocks down one of the Klingons and a meteorite explodes and sets another Klingon on fire. The Federation take control of the objectives, including Kirks little black book which holds