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Carnevale battle report

 Last weekend Alan and I played another game of Carnevale.  Here is my Rashaar crew. I have some non-swimmers in this crew. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone with guns so any combat will have to rely on that personal touch. Here we are advancing. There might not be any trolls but there are plenty of bad monsters hiding under the bridge. Here's Alan team jumping into the water to fulfil some secondary objectives. I help out by knocking a couple of other people into the water. My big frog monster goes over to splash around with Alan's hammer bro. Alan's crossbow armed soldier climbs out of the water before I can pound on him Alan's hammer bro throws my frog monster under the building and then clambers onto the bridge. The glue failed on the monsters base. My temple warrior runs over the bridge to put the stab on the crossbow guy. Alan's boss is doing a batman routine on the roof of the building. I think thats called "looming with style" A combat is brew

Frostgrave - Vampires stiring

Its October so with everyone getting ready for Halloween I thought I would make a Vampire warband for Frostgrave. Recently risen from her crypt, my vampire and some followers, there is a Templar a Blood Merchant (very important) and some cultists The archer is lurking around the corner On the other side of the river my Man at arms is leading the infantryman a thug and a thief to claim the treasures on that side. The Vampire doesn't get an apprentice but one of the soldiers can activate in the apprentice phase and lead troops. Here we are advancing between some houses and into the first objective The right flank team secure their first treasure while the archer looks on and the treasure further down the river. With a group of soldiers you can move faster than an apprentice would While the thief unlocks the treasure the rest of the warband races down the riverbank towards another treasure. Thomas's thief swam across the river and is now trying to unlock the treasure with frozen f