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Saga Pagan Rus against Teutonic Knights

I took on Reg's Teutonic Knights with my Pagan Rus. I got toe be the invader and filled up the middle of the table with a rocky hill. There is a frozen marsh on my left and a forest on the right. I chose diagonal deployment. Here are my Russ wandering forwards, I marched up to just out of long range and saved my dice for battle board abilities.  The Teutonic forces were forced to use activation dice to move forwards. They ground forwards all the way down the line. My Levy move onto the hill and throw some javelins at their opponents. I killed 1. I really didn't want to be shot by crossbows all game so my Warriors dashed forwards to explain why they should be using a manly weapon and not a crossbow. My warriors killed 7 crossbowmen and took 3 casualties in return. The knights move forwards to smash some pagans. I get wiped out and do no damage. The foot warriors attack my levy and drive them back of the hill. My Levy are now back where they

Kill Team - the Space Ghosts are coming

I enjoyed the game of Kill Team with Alan and got inspired. This is always dangerous. It might be cool to run a kill team campaign on a space hulk with Denizens against boarders. My tiger heads arrived from Shapeways so I can add the chapter symbol to their pads. I also got some more Blakes 7 ship models. I also bought a new tactical squad and some push fit marines from Mighty Ape. This gives me enough models to make another team. After looking over the colour schemes I ordered some Star Phantoms shoulder pads from Chapter Customiser. Alan is running a Zombie game on Halloween. So I am building a new gang. This may be the start of a campaign because Ask Barkers supplement for his Last Days game will out by then. I got the post Apocalypse Scooby Doo gang from Hasslefree. The now all have weapons. It looks like Fred went to Japan and studied sword fighting, under Hondo Hatori. Velma enlisted in the army and did a couple of tours in military intelligence. Shaggy and Scooby joined

Kill Team Badab War - Questions of Loyalty

Emerging from the Warp thousands of light years away from their expected location years and after detecting the external duration of their time in the warp hand lasted several hundred years, the marines about the strike cruiser Shadowclaw sent down a small reconnaissance team.  An Imperial installation marked in the ships cogitator database now appeared to be in ruins and the recon team was send down to gather information and determine what had happened. While exploring the ruins of the Imperial Installation the teams auspex sensons bleeped and detected movement and life signs. The team took up defensive positions until the identity of the newcomers could be determined. Taking cover in a ruined data archive the team noted several sinister grey clad figures moving through the ruins towards them. The team leader and a scout with heavy bolter.  These figures in grey and back mottled armour were stalking through the ruins. Other members on the ground floor waiting for

Ghost Archipelago Pool of Life adventure

After reaching the temple mouth the parties of adventurers and their tribal allies entered a maze of underground tunnels and finally entered the cavern of the Pool of Life. Here are a couple of overview shots of the table. The pool of life is the central building. Each group of adventurers is starting in their own corner. Here is the tunnel of terror that my adventurers have to proceed down to get to the pool. Alan's tribal allies are waiting to ambush me and stop me getting to the pool. Here are Alan's tribal chieftain savage and warriors lurking some side passages. There is also a totem warrior and some archers. The Dwarfs are the guardians of the pool and they are totem warriors and hostile to all intruders. At the other end of the table, Thomas's crusaders are advancing down their tunnel and trying to get past Richards tribal allies.  Here are Alan's party making their way down their tunnel they are opposed by my Pict allies. Thomas's Sk