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Frostgrave - under new management

 After the least battle which ended with the death of Herne, Marion was promoted to the Wizard and hired Isadora a new apprentice. Everyone else was OK so we headed off for a new battle and search for knowledge. We might also have to rescue any gold and jewels that are lying around getting cold. We encountered Alan's witch warband when we were investigating the ruins of a wizards house. Apparently the dumb waiter system was still working (that's some warranty) even if nothing else was. Here is the warband, I painted a new wizard and apprentice. Marion is now a bit less frightened young woman one step away from being sent to a convent and is now a force for nature and the freedom of the people of Sherwood. Here is the team deployed. Here we are running towards the treasure The central treasure is up the top of the tower. There will be plenty of elevation in this game. Also we have moved all the high point terrain into the middle of the table to prevent sniper towers in the deplo

Frostgrave - Celebrations in Nottingham Castle

We got in a second game. I used my Robin Hood band. I was playing against Alan's witch, also known as a traveling circus due to its reliance on animal acts. Edward also has a Thamaturge.  We were playing the Worm Hunts scenario. The treasure is scattered throughout the hunting ground of a large predator probably its the indigestible stuff. In good news the alpha predator has scared off all the other creatures. Bad news the worm is quite tough. I am lucky enough to win the choice of deployment areas and chose a ruined building that overlooked the objective. We started the typical slog to the treasure. I had one in the building and one just outside it so hopefully this won't take too many resources to secure them. Here is the other half of the warband running around and through the side of the building. At the start of the creature phase I rolled and the predator showed up. It shows up next to a treasure and ended up showing up right in front of Alan's warband The predator an

Frostgrave - Wargamers in the Mists

Wellington might be known as a city of wind. It does have parliament, but yesterday it was really thick mist. Here is the view of the sky outside our gaming venue. I got in a couple of games of Frostgrave at the club. In the first game I took may alternate warband. This is led by Hugo De Reynard.  In this first game, we have a knight crossbowman, 2 infrantrymen and 4 miscellaneous bar flys recruited after closing time on Friday night at the Black Dragon Inn. Most of this terrain is Richard's. He has a nice collection that blends GW pieces with 3D printed pieces. This is an enchanter warband so he is about enchanting the weapons' of his warband. Thus everyone can end up with a magic weapon. Alternatively he can sell any weapons for bags of gold. He also reveals secrets and makes potions and scrolls. However as it turns out he is better at talking than making magic. Here we are deployed in our corner. Edward and Thomas have 2 other corners. This is the Mausoleum mission so it wil