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Hobby update - the canals of Venice

 I have been working on assembling my Carnevale terrain. TTCombat do a package set of buildings and platforms for the street level.  The buildings are modular with removable stories and roofs. Some of the larger buildings could occupy most of a game. The tower is about 18 inches tall. You can also use bridges to cross canals. Swimming is not recommended especially when one of the factions contains fish people daemons or cybernetic crocodiles. Many of the buildings use the same footprint so you can swap floors and roofs around. The TTCombat buildings have struck a good balance point between complexity price and detail. They are detailed enough to be interesting but are not as complex as a 4Ground building These have had some undercoats from spray cans and now its time to get some paint on them, followed by layers of grime. These buildings could be used for all sorts of games including Carnevale (the game they are for) any kind of modern 7TV style game or even see service in Spain for Na

Necromunda - Van Saars 2 Electric Boogaloo

I got in a second game of Necromunda with my new Van Saar Gang. I played Richard's Goliath gang. We were about the same gang rating. The Goliaths are a real brawler gang so I don't want them to get close if they are still standing up. My strategy will be to try and pin them down and maneuver around grabbing as many objectives as I can. Here is my Specialist and a Juve preparing for operation distraction. My leader and my new Neotek on Skyboard ready to go and get some treasure. My other two gangers ready to go get their treasure and maybe another, which is currently ant the end of the corridor. At the other end of the table lurks several hundred kilos of stimm fed Goliath muscle. This is the Leader and a Juve This is the remainder of the gang the Stimmer, two Gangers and a Juve. My Leader activates with the Neotek. He uses his overseer ability to enable the skyboard rider to activate twice in succession. This allows me to fly over, pick up the treasure and bring it back to be n

Stargrave Mega City One

I got to play my first game of Stargrave against a real live person. Spiro came down to the club for a game for the first time in years. I dug out a couple of crews using my collection of Warlord Games Judge Dredd models. I made one team of Mega City One Judges and one of Sov Judges. I also used some of the street gang models as the pirates. I have a strike force of Sov Judges led by Orlok and supported by the mystic Judge Gogol. I based Orlock on the Rogue background. I could have selected the Create Drone power to give Orlok his Satelat companion but I forgot that one. It didn't really matter Orlok was pretty rubbish at casting his powers, I think he only got off two powers all game and they cost him health to get them to work.  The rest of the team consists of a Gunner, A Burner a Grenadier and two troopers. The team is rounded out with 3 rookies. On the left we have the Grenadier, a Trooper and a rookie. Orlock leads the main force forwards. The idea is that these will overwhel