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Silver Bayonet - Spanish

I got my Silver Bayonet figures a week ago. I have now painted them and added some basing material so they are ready to go. The front row are the Irregular, the Officer, the Priest (cleric) and the Grenadier. The basing material is the Geek Villain Mediterranean ready mix basing texture. This is a mix of sand, gravel and flock. so its just PVA glue and ready to go. We have the Swordsman a Junior Officer, the Veteran Hunter and the Sapper. These models are fun and easy to paint. There are plenty of reference materials including the box art from NorthStar.

Kill team game 3 - All are equal before the all mighty Plasma.

I played Ed again at Kill Team, I used my Adeptus Mechanicus again. Ed decided to use some Necrons. We chose the Recover Archeotech mission, which seemed thematically appropriate. Two factions arguing over archeological sites in the ruins of abandoned building. Because you are always involved in Kill Team and its exciting I found it hard to remember to take photos. The game only lasted two turns. I chose Security and had Secure Assets (Kill Necrons when they were near an objective), Secure Drop Zone (No enemy models within 9" of my base edge), Seize vital ground (Control a piece of ruins) I got my head around the Canticles this time and picked the one that lets me reroll one dice when shooting. We opened our account by using our Omni scope on the Necron Leader Ed tried to take out my plasma gunner but it didn't work and I moved around and blasted the Necron leader into the ground. Ed then used reanimation protocols on him so he might come back. Ed had moved his immortal up to

Kill Team - second game - Kill Team 1000111001111

I tried out an Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team. This was made of one team of Rangers and one team of Vanguard. I had a Ranger Alpha with Phosphor blast pistol and power weapon, 2 gunners with Arc Rifle and 2 with Plasma Calivers. I also had an Omnispex and a Data Tether, one operative had a servo skull and the Apha had upgraded bionics. The Scenario called for deployment zones to be split into 2 zones. Here are 6 models including a couple of gunners. Most of us are in conceal and I have the ability to change one model on conceal into Engage. Here is the Alpha and some supporting models. Here are the Doom Farers, The Leader has a combi Melta and a missile launcher. Over here is a bolter marine and a gunner with a meltagun. The aftermath of one turn on this side. Alan ran up and chucked a frag grenade, this killed my Arc Rifle gunner. My Plasma gunner then walked over and fried the space marine. My plasma gunner then returned the favour and melted the marine. The Melta gunner ran up and vap

Trying out Kill Team second edition

On Saturday I played a game of Kill Team. This was my first game of the new edition. I used my Minotaur Space Marines. I started making these for first edition and now I finished them off. I have 3 marines with bolter, a sergeant with power sword and bolt pistol and a marine gunner with plasma gun and a second with heavy bolter. Here we are deployed. I had some marines concealed and some on engage. I activated the heavy bolter marine and took shots at Ed's cultist with flamer and heavy stubber. I needed 2 shots to take down the cultist with heavy stubber. At the end of the turn I have killed the tow heavy weapon cultists. Ed activated hi heavy bolter marine from his concealed position and shot down one of my marines. The heavy bolter marine was then killed by return bolter fire.  Turn Three, the heavy bolter marine moved up and shot down the chaos marine with Icon and wounded the Champion. The Champion then charged and killed the heavy bolter marine and then shot the plasmagun mari