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Stargrave - Inquisition Season 2 - The Magnificent Ten

Inquisitor Rathbourne led the band on the next stage of the Maguffin hunt. Chella and Drix have revealed that they have uncovered evidence of a gathering of Chaos Reaver fleets. If these fleets can gather together in an alliance, they can strike from their hidden base and wreak havoc across the sector. The chaos warbands are meeting at an ancient, abandoned space station, possibly of Xenos origin. Chella knows the location of Vel Krendar a retired sailor from the Rogue Trader ship that discovered the station. Vel had retired to an agricultural village on Nontestent. Originally this was a minor agricultural planet but now it found itself subject to raids by renegade forces. After transiting the warp, the team took their shuttle down to the surface. The inquisition codes got us through the air defence grid. The villagers all look suspiciously at the new arrivals. Eventually we get directions to Vel's house. His house is primitive looking on the outside but inside is filled with scrap

Hobby updates - Kill teams and BFG.

I ordered some 3D printed BFG ships, to expand my Imperial Navy. I have a bit more work to finish the paint jobs ready for the campaign next weekend. I have started painting these. I think I will change the yellow panels on the noses. I need to add the black around the weapons and then the engines. The I can coat them with starship streak and grime. I have also been painting some more kill teams. I bought a Strike Force Justian set and painted them as Howling Griffons. I also got some more assault intercessors and now I can field a standard Intercession squad. This is Strike Force Justian. These box models are nice to assemble. These are a standard intercessors. These are the two sets of models combined together to form an intercession set. These models are my first experiments with contrast paints over a zenithal base coat. After watching Mountainside Tabletop I got myself a box of the Phobos marines. So I have been assembling a bunch of their different specialists. They look like ano

Battlefleet Gothic, campaign battle 2.

 So we drew another Xenos opponent for our second game. Is this part of some plot to keep Admiral Ackrell away from the main fleet? "Sir, will this be a stand up fight or another bug hunt?" "Unknown but a Xenos species may be involved" The Executioners were out for revenge against the Eldar after the loss of their strike cruiser. They deploy the Battlebarge Reaper and the strike cruiser Broadsword. We drew another fleet engagement, this time I decided to try out some different tactics. I deployed into a defensive blob where my ships can support each other. This put me in the middle of the table with the Eldar flanking from one side. Here is the Imperial Fleet, huddling together in the dark. The Triumphant and the Endeavour are flanking the Reaper in the middle, with the Broadsword with two Cobra destroyers on the right. We rolled for Sub Plots and the Eldar had an encounter with a meteorite storm. One of the cruisers was damaged by a meteorite and lots it holo field

Battle Fleet Gothic Campaign - chasing ghosts

Josh has kindly organised a Battlefleet Gothic campaign down at the club. He is already in the top 10% of campaigns because he has got past the talking about it phase and played games. 10 of us gathered at the Warlords for games. I am playing on Team Imperial. After the draw for games was complete and opponents were determined I was drawn to play James and his Eldar. Admiral Ackrell frowned, these orders were ... unpleasant. With rumours of sightings of chaos vessels across the sector, being sent to an uninhabited backwater system to investigate possible Eldar sightings sounded like a huge waste of time. Trying to bring the Eldar ships to battle was often an exercise in frustration. Sensor indicators that could be ships would drift in and out of the tactical plot often moving in what appeared to be impossible directions, before fading from the instruments and blooming somewhere else. The fleet emerged from the warp at the edge of the system, just inside the inner diameter of the system