Hobby updates - Kill teams and BFG.

I ordered some 3D printed BFG ships, to expand my Imperial Navy. I have a bit more work to finish the paint jobs ready for the campaign next weekend.

I have started painting these. I think I will change the yellow panels on the noses. I need to add the black around the weapons and then the engines. The I can coat them with starship streak and grime.

I have also been painting some more kill teams.

I bought a Strike Force Justian set and painted them as Howling Griffons. I also got some more assault intercessors and now I can field a standard Intercession squad.

This is Strike Force Justian. These box models are nice to assemble.
These are a standard intercessors.
These are the two sets of models combined together to form an intercession set. These models are my first experiments with contrast paints over a zenithal base coat.

After watching Mountainside Tabletop I got myself a box of the Phobos marines. So I have been assembling a bunch of their different specialists. They look like another fun team you can make out of one box.

I'm debating about what to make from the last two models.


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