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Sanity Claws Workshop Terrain build project.

 I have been working on some more terrain for Frostgrave or other fantasy games. I need to get this done so I can get building sci-fi terrain for Necromunda and Spacegrave next year. I managed to avoid the usual parent Christmas present of socks but I didn't get much wargaming stuff directly for Christmas but I have stuff coming and plenty to work on. Even with the great commercial kits available these days I still like making terrain from scratch. There is something satisfying about taking a plastic pot or a carboard tube and making it into something useful.  I decided to build a big multilevel tower. The tower ends up being about 400mm tall and consists of 4 habitable stories. There is a spiral staircase and a domed roof. The domed roof was formed by high density foam and the gaps filled in with ready mix filler. The roof was then clad with a sheet of DAS clay and this was then textured with the Madness roller. The this rippled the roof a bit but that is better than trying to tex

Frostgrave - it was the wraith before Christmas

Chris, Ed and I got in a quick game of Frostgrave on the weekend. We played the Phantasmal treasure. This has the central treasure guarded by a Wraith and the other treasures can possibly attract Wraith. We used Ed's new building which looked like an abandoned church.  Here are my crew ready to enter the danger zone. This is Chris's Chronomancer warband. This is Ed's warband. He is also a Thaumaturge so we have some similar spells. We run towards the treasure. Alan picks it up and doesn't summon a wraith. Will, Little John, Eric and Robin advance to the second treasure. Marion has put up a fog to make sure we don't get paralysed or sniped by Chris. Chris is moving forwards. He opened a treasure and it summoned a Wraith. These materialise 8" away from the treasure in a random direction. So they will always get to attack someone. They are also only vulnerable to magic. Alan fails his will power roll and starts taking the treasure to the middle of the table. Membe

Frostgrave - Dreaming of Genie

In the afternoon I played a game of Frostgrave. I used my other Robin of Sherwood themed warband. This is Hugo De Reynard the Sherriff of Nottingham's brother. Hugo is an enchanter or as Alan calls him a commerce wizard. We were playing Zane and his Goblin warband. Here is most of the warband, We have a knight, 3 crossbowmen, 2 men at arms and 2 infantrymen. I have an infantryman and a man at arms up on the walkways. This is an overview of the table, I am using my elevated walkways, they are laid out in such a way that everyone can deploy on them and then move into the table Bertrand, Gisborne and a couple of crossbowmen make their way forwards. My flanking force move down the walkways The goblins have already got their paws on a couple of treasures and one of them summoned an Ice Spider. While the goblins didn't find the genie with their two treasures I managed it with my first roll. Not quite Barbra Eden and more Robin Williams on a bad hair day. Fortunately I have been encha