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Hobby time - the Apocalypse week 1

We have been in Level 4 response to the Covid 19 pandemic for a week now. I imagine it is having a real impact on those extroverts who enjoy socialising with crowds of people. Most wargamers seem to be putting on a brave face and seeking the "stay at home" mandate as an opportunity to get so good hobbying done. Richard, Alan and I set up a video hang out so we could talk while we painted and modeled. Here is a snapshot of what I am working on: Here is my Lamanters Kill team. This is part of my collection of Badab War Kill teams. The Lamenters us the Blood Angel rules. The Yellow goes up from Ivory to Light Rust with a coat of Casadora Yellow to tie all the colours together and make them more vibrant. I am making up a party for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Its a solo or cooperative game based on the Frostgrave gameplay. I could play this myself, host a video game or even play with Luke. These are the Ranger figures. In the middle is my Ranger. He is Arzad the Bugbear s

Project Avalon part 1 - The Rescue

The Alliance has been expanding its reach and adding more survivor groups to their faction.Some groups have resisted joining the Alliance and there have been several armed skirmishes and raids as the smaller independent groups have tried to fend off the military forces of the Alliance. Several survivor groups have been coordinated their activities under the leadership of a woman code named Avalon (must be a Hutt girl). The Alliance have stepped up their military search and destroy missions and Avalons cadre now need a place to hide. Our survivors set out to rendezvous with Avalon and extract her and her team to safety. Its only a few miles into the city across zombie infested terrain, dodging Alliance patrols, what could possibly go wrong? The terrain is mostly ruined building made using the clubs collections of Galeforce 9 terrain. These make nice ruined buildings The Federation team were approaching through a ruined office building. they have to pick their way through f

Not going to Adepticon

I was expecting to be making my final preparations for Adepticon at the end of the month. Unfortunately the event is cancelled due to fears about the virus. America is also closing so there is no point going for parks or rides. So its been a hobby weekend. This is my Rangers of Shadow Deep party. Arzag the Bugbear slayer was the first D&D character. In my first adventure we went out from the Keep on the Borderlands. We didn't know anything about reconnaissance so bowled straight into some caves which turned out to be the home of some Bugbears. These huge creatures were significantly better than us but somehow we made it out of there and my character claimed a kill. Now he is re imagined with a Bugbear face painted on his shield. Ready, with a new group of companions to protect the borderlands from the encroaching darkness.   My official ROSD models are reinforced by some reaper models. I also bought some of their bugbears and some Owlbears for old times sake. This is my

Kill Team Carcaradons vs Night Lords

Due to it being a leap year, there were three meetings in February at the club. This mean club meetings on consecutive meetings. Alan and I got in a game of Kill Team for a change. Alan has built a Characaradon force, I decided to use Night Lords so we could do a game based on the battles in the Characadon novels. We played the Terror Tactics mission which had us getting extra points if you models got off the enemy table edge. My Strategy was to push into Alan's deployment zone and then use the Night Lords legion trait to scare Alan's guys into immobility or leadership failure. Here are my troops, I used the take forwards positions strategem. Alan used the shoot intruders strategem. However his initial shooting failed to stop any of my units.  Alan, had a terminator heavy specialist with assault cannon  Alan's tactical troops hold the mid ground. My Possessed failed his charge even with a re roll so we didn't get into combat on turn 1. My Berserkers moved

The wild picnic - a Saga Age of Magic Battle Report

On Saturday, Alan and I played a game of Saga Age of Magic down at the club. I tried out the Call of the Wild army I have been building over the last few weeks. We used the rules from the book of battles which allowed us both to share the process of determining the battle. I was so caught up in the process I forgot to take some pictures until part way though my turn. I used the saga abilities to fire my levies at Alan's Berserkers. A shower of poisoned Javelins came out of the forest and killed three Berserkers. My Sorcerer also used his powers to paralyse the Troll Chieftain. In retrospect this was poor target selection. the troll could not easily attack me without multiple activations. Alan had his unit of baby trolls leading the advance on his right flank, backed up with a unit of 8 hearthguard. Alan's creatured smashed into my Levy and killed most of them, fortunately I fled in front of my warlord, just in time to protect him from the Berserker. The Berserker