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Hobby Update - Christmas loot haul

I got some hobby things for Christmas and the summer holidays are a great time to make progress on terrain projects. I have several buildings from Sarissa to make into a far eastern jungle village. I have not started working on them I am building a quarry table. This is a reminder to all those BBC episodes that used those locations. there is even a story about the Blakes 7 cast encountering a Dalek over a hill from where they were filming. I'm building this out of layers of polystyrene. The quarry is also inspired by railway layouts so I have gradually sloping road-beds and bridges curving up and around the hillsides. It also resembles a Disney ride. This fills up a 3 by 3 foot area. I build a contour map to help me work out the size of each contour. I can use this for all sorts of games from scifi to pulp. At the moment I am experimenting with gluing plaster rock sheets to the polystyrene forms to make the cliff faces. I also got some MDF kits from TTCombat. This is the Cargo Ship

Hobby update - Holiday season

 I have the week before Christmas off work, so I am getting into some hobby time. As usual, I have several different projects on the go.  We got inspired with some Pulp game ideas and I got some figures from North Star. I also used some figures I bought from them a while ago for Congo. This is enough for some adventurers and a military unit. I also have enough to make some Japanese. I bought this from Battle Kiwi. This is a cargo sled skimmer. This will be perfect for the train heist scenario in the last prospector. This is heavily grimed up for that run down industrial feel. The model is grimed up with a big layer of weathering powder. I have TTCombat's train as a Christmas present I have also been painting some Carnevale models. I need some inspiration after losing the last three games to Alan and his Guild gang. I am also building a quarry style terrain board. So many BBC shows used old quarry's as outside sets this can be used for just about any period. I was also inspired

Blakes 7 - Stargrave Solo mission -This is another fine mess you have gotten us into Blake

The crew of the Liberator were making good time in the transport tube when suddenly the transit cars swerved off the tracks and crashed in an untidy mess. Blake and several crew members managed to pop the escape hatches and clamber out. The rest of the crew needed time to untangle themselves from the crash and patch up their bumps and bruises. The crew emerged into a nightmare. This area was crawling with Andromedan biomechs it also housed other creatures far worse, fortunately the most horrific creatures were slumbering and not really aware of the crew's presence. However, the soldier mechs were reacting with speed and aggression. Blake inspires himself to boost his close combat ability. Dayna shoots the nearest warrior and wounds it Blake leads hit team towards one of the exits. A warrior form attacks, Blake Soolin and Dayna. Villa takes advantage of the sleeping Andromedan leader and guards to make a play for the piece of Andromedan technology, visible near the parts of the Andr

Stargrave - Blakes 7 - Time to catch the train

In this third mission Blakes crew need to make it to the transit tube to get out of the energy shield that is covering the Federation installation. However, this section is infested with Andromedan Biomech units. Blake, Gan, Jenna, Soolin and Villa investigate the route to the transport hub, the walls look covered by some sort of secreted resin. "yeah but secreted from what?" Avon, Tarrant, Cally, Dayna and Major Reno confirm that there is evidence of alien biomech on this side of the route. Blake casts inspire on Gan who leads the way, the spiders rush forwards. The first round of shooting is ineffective with only Jenna and Cally scoring any damage and Avon jamming his gun. (the actor that played Avon was renown for breaking the gun props when filming. Gan advances towards the first spiders with the transport tube in the background. Major Reno scores a critical on the spider with help from Dayna, the Major then kills a second seconds before Tarant kills the other spider. Avo