Hobby Update - Christmas loot haul

I got some hobby things for Christmas and the summer holidays are a great time to make progress on terrain projects.

I have several buildings from Sarissa to make into a far eastern jungle village. I have not started working on them

I am building a quarry table. This is a reminder to all those BBC episodes that used those locations. there is even a story about the Blakes 7 cast encountering a Dalek over a hill from where they were filming. I'm building this out of layers of polystyrene.

The quarry is also inspired by railway layouts so I have gradually sloping road-beds and bridges curving up and around the hillsides. It also resembles a Disney ride. This fills up a 3 by 3 foot area. I build a contour map to help me work out the size of each contour.

I can use this for all sorts of games from scifi to pulp. At the moment I am experimenting with gluing plaster rock sheets to the polystyrene forms to make the cliff faces.

I also got some MDF kits from TTCombat. This is the Cargo Ship. This could be used for all sorts of games during the last hundred or next hundred years. Who know what could go wrong when you transport ancient relics or toxic waste around the world with the lowest bidder. I got a maglev train for the Stargrave last prospector solo campaign. I'm painting a Colonial Marines squad out of relevant models mostly from Hastlefree. Richard got me inspired to make them into a Xenos Rampant force. I don't have any pictures of them yet.

I got the hover sled from BattleKiwi.

 I also got a shield generator and a bunker.

This kit is pretty large. The tower must be 12" tall and the dish is about 10" across.

Next week I should have an update on my Pulp crews and my Stargrave squad.


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