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Stargrave Quadrant 37 - All Aboard

This is my second attempt to create this post. While writing the last one I keyed Ctrl+A instead of Shift+A. before I realised what had happened I had lost all the content. Here is the table before we got started, we have plenty of ticket booths and market stalls. I deployed in a group on one side. Aliens can appear out of the vents in the corner of the table so I was hoping to minimise the impact because half of the aliens should appear from the other corner. We do the old classic of advance under the cover of some smoke grenades. A train car wizzes past while we run up. Alan's psycher has laid down a force wall. A Wardroid arrives behind my squad. Eek. The Warbot immediately kills one storm trooper. Darth Vader dashes around the corner to deal with Alan's burner who had moved up to crisp us.  We chuck some grenades over the force wall and wound Alan's hacker who had unlocked the data loot. Alan's droid manages to unlock a loot counter. A Sentry droid approaches trigge

Hobby update - painting and building

This week I have been painting some Historical models. I painted 4 elements of War of the Roses retinue Longbowmen. These are painted in the livery of Oxford for the battle of Bosworth. I am also working on some mixed men at arms and billmen. I also received an order from Sarissa Precision. For all the problems there are in the world with shipping There was no problem in getting this from the UK. These Hab pods go together easily and they make up into a modular structure. I might get some more of these they could make a nice moon base or similar. The Hab pods have doors at each end and an opening to take the intersecting corridor. There is plenty of room for internal fittings especially if I make them to fit into the wall curves. All sorts of consoles and screens and even bed alcoves could be incorporated into those spaces. Here is are the obligatory steps onto the roof. Thre are also opening roof hatches This is an overview of he set. One of the pods is designed to be separate. The jo

Stargrave: Quadrant 37 - Hydroponics lab. Everyone hold your breath

Alan and I took our crews into Quadrant 37. We started the Bugs mini campaign with the Hydroponics Lab scenario. Usually the first scenario is an easy introduction, if so we are in for a tough time. Just about everything that could go wrong did. Early Game The Empire forces deployed in three groups. Our motion detectors were already going off. We enountered our first Bugs. Boba blew up a bug with a grenade. Supporting fire from the storm troopers, not so precise. The Robot Posse advance to the physical loot. Massed volleys of fire managed to wound the Warrior bug. I'm thinking starship troopers. The right flank force are making  progress towards a data terminal. Getting Wet In this scenario the lower initiative score corresponds to a result on the scenario special events table. About now Allan rolled a 20 and I rolled a 19, this meant that the entire table became deep water. Everyone now has to make swimming tests, while Robots can't drown they are not good swimmers. Guess who