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Executioners of the Imperium - Kill Team Head Taker

I needed a Kill Team to defend the Imperium from the threats of Genestealer Cults, Orks and other Xenos as well as Chaos Marines and other renegades. I had originally intended the Executioners to be used for kill team type games so I looked through the list of kill teams and selected some models. I have 3 normal marines, 2 gunners and a sergeant, the Heavy Bolter gunner is the heavy specialist and the one with the Plasma gun is a sniper. The sergeant is the leader and has a power sword and an auspex. In front I have a primaris sergeant who is the combat specialist, and two primaris gunners with auxiliary grenade launchers. One has, the heavy bolt rifle and the other a normal bolt rifle. I still need to do some more work on the power swords and add some decals to the two blank shoulder pads. They will be ready to defend the Imperium by kicking ass and taking heads.

2018 in Review

Lots of people have been looking back over the year. 2018 has been a good year for my wargaming hobby and a year is a long time so I have forgotten some of the things I have done. Warhammer 40K Inquisition Here is a WIP of inquisitor Eisenhorn. I also built a model for Cherubael so he can have a friend. Here is my Inquisitor and retinue. I made this detachment just before the FAQ came out banning soup detachments. Unfortunately this caught the loyal servants of the emperor and now I can't field them like this. These are some Imperial Crusaders. I used them in my Inquisitors retinue. I based them on gladiators. I imagine the Inquisitor rescued them from a pit fighting cult and now they served him. Although based on how they go in games, being a gladiator might be safer. Adeptus Mechanicus I built some of these Kastellan robots. These are the gold ones. They have magnetised weapons. I made these battle servitors. In the latest FAQ the

Symptoms of Ferric Blight

I had a second game with the Death Guard on Saturday, the was against Carson's Necrons. This was in the same derelict warehouse as last time. This time the Genestealer cult had left and the Necrons had arrived. I changed some models from my list, I replaced the gunners with blight launcher with two with plasma gunners. Both sides chose take forward positions and the Death Guard won the roll off so got to advance a couple of models. The combat specialist and a pox walker stomped forwards leading the advance. The Necrons won the initiative and began charging the front lines of the Death Guard with their flayed ones. Crucially Carson used a reroll on a failed charge and then spent another on more bullets in the shooting phase.  The Flayed ones charged the combat specialist and the pox walker with the shooting Necrons moving up and readying. The Death Guard zealot charged in while the shooters readied and advanced. The shooting was better than last game with the plasma

Death Guard go to war.

We got together at the Warlords today to play some Kill Team. For most of us it was our first games so I don't think we were creating any new benchmarks for tactical genius. I took my Death Guard to see how they went and what I could learn. The Death Guard deployed in a ruined building. I chose plant traps and got to trap two pieces of terrain. Alan chose take forward positions. This picture is a bit blurry the camera focused on the wall in the foreground and the depth of field wasn't quite enough. The top floors of the buildings were all dangerous terrain so its going to all be on the ground. Alan was using his Genestealer cult. They were crouched around a shipping container. Unfortunately this was one the  Death Guard had trapped. When the cultists moved out one of them set off a trap and was killed by a spray of toxic slime. The Abberant also took a wound.  The Death Guard won initiative and tried to charge the cultists with some pox walkers. all the charges fai