Kill Team and 40K campaign

I used my start system mapping software to build a planet map for our campaign setting. The software lets me build a whole sector full of systems complete with planets and moons and surface maps. This is normally used for role playing games but is also cool for our kind of wargaming background.

For me 40K is all about the immersion, so its great to be able to create your own piece of the background. I'd always prefer to make up my own bit of the 40K universe rather than have my battles take place on a setting GW has built.

I was thinking that we could have a link between the 40K and Kill Team games. The winner of a 40K game could have the strategic advantage in the following kill team game and the winner of the kill team games could have bonuses to determine table side or who goes first.

This approach could also form the basis of our approach to narrative events at the club and or at Call to Arms.

So now off to recruit so participants.


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