Death Guard go to war.

We got together at the Warlords today to play some Kill Team. For most of us it was our first games so I don't think we were creating any new benchmarks for tactical genius. I took my Death Guard to see how they went and what I could learn.
The Death Guard deployed in a ruined building. I chose plant traps and got to trap two pieces of terrain. Alan chose take forward positions.

This picture is a bit blurry the camera focused on the wall in the foreground and the depth of field wasn't quite enough.

The top floors of the buildings were all dangerous terrain so its going to all be on the ground.
Alan was using his Genestealer cult. They were crouched around a shipping container. Unfortunately this was one the  Death Guard had trapped. When the cultists moved out one of them set off a trap and was killed by a spray of toxic slime. The Abberant also took a wound.
 The Death Guard won initiative and tried to charge the cultists with some pox walkers. all the charges failed and a big melee erupted on the front line.

The green crate was also booby trapped but this one didn't kill any cultists but it forced them to take evasive action to steer clear of the danger.
Here is a lone pox walker lurking around the flank. He got charged by the combat specialist genestealer. In a use of extreme skill the Pox Walker shrugged off the attacks of the Genestealer and then poked it in the eye with its rusty axe and took it out of action scoring me a victory point.
The Death Guard close combat specialist is taken out of action by the Abberant. One of the pox walkers survives so the Cult gets no points.
 The second turn sees the Death Guard make a decisive move and the zealot with Bubotic Axe charges the genestealer. Everyone else ends up in a big scrum in the middle.
 The Pox Walker charges some cultists
 The Death Guard play decisive strike on the champion, the cult answer with their own strike and the Death Guard win the roll off. The champion scratches the abberant with his plague sword and it goes out of action. The Zealot is then activated using the "lead by example" strategem and cuts down the genestealer.

The fight continues in the middle, the Death Guard gunners relocate to the middle
 The Genestealer cultists attack the pox walker.
 The Death Guard Zealot falls to a combination of industrial shears and sharp claws
One of the gunners charges into the cultists in what is a bit of patty-cake.

The Death Guard break and with so many casualties both survivors are shaken so stand there getting hit by the cultists.

Throughout the game, shooting was completely ineffective. I think one flesh wound was inflicted all game. Its easy to see why weapon upgrades are cheap.


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