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Frostgrave, last of the originals

Alan and I got in a game of Frostgrave, We played Hunting Grounds from the Perilous Dark. In this game the Wizards and their warbands have to run a gauntlet of spiders to get across the table and collect some treasure along the way. This is the table layout, we have the central tower containing a treasure and two side treasures, there are also two buildings at the edge of the table with treasures. All the treasures are guarded by a spider Mariarch. Those are tough, the worst part is if you wound them in close combat their blood poisons you unless you can roll a will TN 14 test. For most warband members this is tough target. being poisoned means you count as wounded. Here is the view down Alan's side of the table. Here we are all ready to go. I am still a model down after last game because one of my infantrymen got badly injured and only the wizard can cast Cure Serious Wounds and it was more important to get will scarlet back into the game. We have our ghostly companion to help out

Hobby update - building some stuff.

 I have been having some fun building some more terrain and progressing some models. I need a new 3 room house or building for the first scenario in the Red King. So I built a modular house. The house is made up of 3 boxes that fit inside each other to simplify storage. These are the three rooms stacked inside each other. These are just foam core shells.  This is the three rooms fitting together. You can also have the buildings separate. This is the house with the roofs on. the roofs are textured with tinfoil folded to look like stripes. This is going to be painted to look like corroded metal. The walls are textured DAS clay and will be painted to match the rest of the terrain. We also have Stargrave coming from Osprey in March 21. this could be cool so I have bought some models from Bronze Age Miniatures. These might have some resemblance to some models from 2000AD stories. I also have a new undead legion coming along. This is a box of Oathmark Skeletons and some metal undead characte

Second game of the year - end of an era

On Saturday James, Thomas and I got in another game of Frostgrave, we played the Silent Tower. So there were significant areas of the board nothing magical would work. I brought along my big tower for the first time. So the central objective was a multi story Tower, where no magic would work and the central treasure was right at the top of the tower. The Red King is coming so we need to be ready.  This is an overview of the table. The river is resin pieces with the banks built up a bit. The tower is also scratch built. The dead trees are from Mantic and are on bases from Galeforce 9 I came last in the initiative roll so I was stuck between the other players. Thomas and James were miles away from each other. Thomas advances to the nearest treasure and Harry yanks it off the roof of the house and puts in next to his collection crew. Wingardium Treasurearium. James has his elves in the other corner James leaps one of his constructs to the edge of the antimagic aura. My crew are advancing