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7tv- First Episode

Alan and I tried out 7tv. This is a skirmish style game where the game resembles a Saturday afternoon TV show. The game is from Crooked Dice. After comparing our model collections we ended up with Lord Flashheart and Princess Bob from the 25th Century verses, The Daleks. Alan has made a great set of terrain from a variety of Sigmarite ruins. We laid it out on one of the club mats and then covered it in some of the Aquarium plants. Here we have Lord Commander Flashheart, the Time travelling Princess Bob (short for Kate), some extras from a Tarzan movie and some hired muscle. Here is my Dalak force. I have a leader (hiding out of shot on the left), must have is lid open and the operator is scoffing a pie. We have two robomen guards, 5 mine slaves and the ruthless Lieutenant This is the table layout Al made, it really does look like a disused Egyptian fantasy movie set. Maybe its from a cancelled Conan movie. The Daleks advance with eyestalks swiveling. As an evil alien overlord the Dalek

Hobby update - new terrain tables

 I have been building some more terrain. Mos Millatt is my desert terrain building set. Its made out of polystyrene and covered with plaster and tile grout. The buildings are inspired by techniques I saw on Kathy Millatt's channel, hence naming the town in her honour. This is an overview of the town. This is a pretty packed layout on a 3 by 3 foot board. I have another three buildings still being finalised so I could expand the layout to 6 by 4 and create some streets and add some scatter terrain. I still like the idea of nice crowded streets. Here is a models eye view through the city gate. This could be a starship crew hoping the cantina is still open. Round the back of the cantina is Crazy Geoff's Weapons Emporium (slightly used). Here is some of the stage 2 buildings with the larger awnings. These are made of kitchen towel soaked in a paint and glue mix. This means they drape nicely when wet but then dry harder. Here is a nice peaceful house on the outskirts of town. The pe

Hobby Update - Where has everyone gone?

Normally this week would be an update on the games we played down at the club. However that didn't happen. This meeting was supposed to be the AGM and it was the first meeting back after a month with our hall being taken over as an emergency vaccination clinic. Unfortunately not enough people showed up to attend the meeting so we could not have the AGM. Here is a shot of a game of DBMM. This is about 1000 BC Between Sea Peoples and Philistines. This was an interesting game to watch. The Philistine chariots ended up chewing up some Sea People infantry and getting behind their front line. I set up a table for a game of Into the Sewers. It was going to be some Rebels who had stolen weapons and were hiding them in the sewers and were being hunted by both the Imperials and some Mandalorians. There was a bioengineered sewer cleaning creature as a complication. I made this layout from by Dungeon Walls set from Death Ray Designs in Canada. I first saw this set being sued in one of Ash Bark

Hobby Update - Rebels

Some of my friends are into 3D printing. I went the other way and got myself a Proxxon hot wire cutter. As Luke said this is effectively a bandsaw for polystyrene. The cutter literally goes through polystyrene like the proverbial hot knife. This is great for cutting styrene into regular strips. I can get almost perfect squares easily and making things like stair treads is done in seconds and they are all the same size. Next I need to work out how to make circles. I have been painting some more Imperial Assault models. I painted up my Rebel troopers. These are a variety of Smugglers and specialist soldiers. These are some standard troopers. I converted the Saboteur at the front left with a head from a Gripping beast Arab. The models are then tied together with a similar paint scheme. There is enough variety to give the Rebels something of a militia feel to them  I also made a Stargrave party out of the character models. These are some classic heroes from the original movies and a crew f