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Hobby Update

No game unfortunately this weekend. I got sick and have been washed out this weekend. I have been making some more progress on my scifi terrain set. I have ordered some Mantic terrain crate scifi doors. Mantic might make Fugly Fantasy Figures (FFF) but they make great terrain. I got the idea to combine my foam lava terrain with the TT combat terrain I bought a while back. I think I will try that next. I should get a chance to get some more painting done this weekend on these. I just received my second terrain crate kickstarter. Its arrived just as me might be winding down our post apocalyptic games and moving back to the Frozen City of Frostgrave. Fortunately I have the terrain from the first terrain crate to finish and use. This is the trouble with kick starters, you really need to be able to guess what you want to play in 2 years time. I was watching Kris Belleau painting chrome Necrons. This reminded me that I got some of the Terminator models from

Do not leave your back door unlocked in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Alan, Richard and I managed to get in another game of our Last Days seasons campaign. Due to the corona virus and getting sick as soon as we emerged from our lockdown, we have not played this for the last 3 months. So we are now into Winter There is more cold rain and less snow than in Canada, but with less cars around it seems colder this year so there may be more snow this winter than usual. In this scenario our groups of survivors have come across a groups base being overrun by Zombies. Richards crew are keen to rescue the people and Alan is keen to rescue their supplies.  Apparently you can't leave all that food out in the sun it might go off. In this mission we tried out my extra scary encounters. Playing the game we found that Courage and especially Intelligence had become the dump stat of the game. You rarely used these abilities compared to the more combat related abilities. My idea was to put scifi horror themed encounters on the table that made characters make use of

Hobby update - models and terrain

I have had a bit of a cold over the last few days so things were a bit slower. However this week I am at home on leave (as opposed to at home working). I have been working on some more terrain. This is polystyrene, plaster and expanding foam. This will give me some Aliens style terrain. I have also been painting some models for our Call to Arms Game. This is my Alien Hunting party. I ordered a couple of Mediterranean grass cloth mats, these are the Tiny Wargames design. This now gives me some grasslands good for the last 5000 years. I ordered these back in March before the whole Covid thing took effect.  The image on the mat is pretty scale less although the rocks might look huge with small scale models.  Here is my team for the Call to Arms. We have the corporate acquisitions project team with their synthetic advisor. I  also managed to score some Backstone Fortress models from TradeMe. I was afgter he set that had all the bad guys but that is OOP. The Robot will become