Hobby update - models and terrain

I have had a bit of a cold over the last few days so things were a bit slower. However this week I am at home on leave (as opposed to at home working).

I have been working on some more terrain. This is polystyrene, plaster and expanding foam. This will give me some Aliens style terrain.

I have also been painting some models for our Call to Arms Game.
This is my Alien Hunting party.

I ordered a couple of Mediterranean grass cloth mats, these are the Tiny Wargames design. This now gives me some grasslands good for the last 5000 years. I ordered these back in March before the whole Covid thing took effect.  The image on the mat is pretty scale less although the rocks might look huge with small scale models.
 Here is my team for the Call to Arms. We have the corporate acquisitions project team with their synthetic advisor.
I  also managed to score some Backstone Fortress models from TradeMe. I was afgter he set that had all the bad guys but that is OOP. The Robot will become part of my Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team. I feel a classic Cylon colour scheme coming on.


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