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Those Cursed Rebels - Drat Drat and Double Drat.

Do bionics come with a money back guarantee? Alan and I tried out a game of Frost Grave but slightly adapted to a science fiction setting. The idea of a wizard leading a band of followers on a stealth mission sounds perfect for a Star Wars setting. I have some of the Imperial Asault models so I painted up a band of Empire themed models led by Darth Vader. Alan fielded a force of Weyland Yutani commandos who had been hired by a Rogue Trader, unless Alan's wizard was on the way to a fancy dress ball. Here are my Imperial Assault models, the Core Space models are the wandering monsters and the giant worm is from Warlord games. Here are my team ready to start, having emerged from their airlock. Turn 2 and we have advanced through the airlock. Darth Vader has used his force powers to move the treasure towards him. Darth's henchman and his team move towards the other side. Alan's commandos move into the control room. Alan's heavy hitting justice de


Alan, Richard and Thomas and I are going to try a game of Frostgrave but flipped over to SciFi. This gives me an excuse to paint up the Star Wars Imperial Assault models I bought a while back. Here are some WIP shots Darth Vader and Apprentice inquisitor  Imperial agents and Scumbos. I also have some spare models which may not make the cut this time  I am also experimenting with the idea of using the Emperor, he would make a good elementalist and could do some good damage with his force lightning. However this is an expensive spell to cast so is difficult for an apprentice and having all spells that are difficult to cast makes having an apprentice of marginal value. Here is Bosk and some other reprobates, the droids are evil imperial droids.

Mission to Destiny

Richard, Alan and I went down to the club to play a game of Last Days, we are starting a Seasons campaign. The Club has bought a number of mats for the club to use. Here is an ancient game being played on a couple of the mats, its some kind of Macedonian  pike army against some kind of legionary style army. Its nice to see members using the club facilities to enhance their games. Here is an overview of our game table. We got to use one of the clubs new mats. Most of the terrain is mine, supplemented by some of Alan's and some of the club's trees. This table depicts a group of survivors who have broken down in a bad part of town (there is a good part?) while getting the parts and fixing their truck some zombies have approached. Here are a couple of side views of the table. We decided to play using our NZ months for the seasons rather than the US months from the book. Appropriately we rolled up rain so visibility was limited to 18" cutting down any long