Those Cursed Rebels - Drat Drat and Double Drat.

Do bionics come with a money back guarantee?

Alan and I tried out a game of Frost Grave but slightly adapted to a science fiction setting. The idea of a wizard leading a band of followers on a stealth mission sounds perfect for a Star Wars setting. I have some of the Imperial Asault models so I painted up a band of Empire themed models led by Darth Vader. Alan fielded a force of Weyland Yutani commandos who had been hired by a Rogue Trader, unless Alan's wizard was on the way to a fancy dress ball.

Here are my Imperial Assault models, the Core Space models are the wandering monsters and the giant worm is from Warlord games.

Here are my team ready to start, having emerged from their airlock.

Turn 2 and we have advanced through the airlock. Darth Vader has used his force powers to move the treasure towards him.
Darth's henchman and his team move towards the other side.

Alan's commandos move into the control room.
Alan's heavy hitting justice department robots enter another room.
The worm arrives and leaps into contact with one of Alan's team. The worm promptly eats the commando.
Darth and crew make it into Medlab while Hondo makes off with the treasure token.
The inquisitor makes it into the cafeteria but has to tell his scum not to get distracted by the hard liquor.
Dengar and the Storm Trooper move down the flank corridor.

The commandos fall back and open fire on the worm. "Remember, short controlled bursts" The commandos manage to inflict serious damage on the worm but it then eats a second member of the team.
Darth Leads his team to breach the second airlock.

Greedo grabs the treasure, who keeps their secret plans in the bar? Unless its the recipe for a Force Lightning cocktail.

The worm is dispatched and the inquisitor makes his plans for grabbing the central treasure.
After losing two agents to the fire of the Robo Judges Darth leads his storm trooper into contact with one of the judges. Perpahs we can settle this based on our skills with a light saber.
It has been a while since we played Frostgrave so we did this bit wrong. I didn't find out until after the game was over. Alan cast Invisibility on his robot. Unfortunately Invisibility is a Range Touch Spell not a range. This left Darth and friends stuck in combat for the rest of the game. Darth can't attack the invisble robot, but the robot can't leave combat without winning a combat which would make him visible.
My Inquisitor finally managed to cast a spell, he might not have been able to enchant his light saber but he could cast Fog (represented by the pen
The Justic Department robot climbed up and determined that the Jawa was guilty of Grand Theft Treasure and sentenced him to death.
Having finished off the worm the commandos are moving up.
The Inquistor is now in position to recover the valuable intelligence, but the commandos are swarming down the corridors.
The Inquisitor makes a break for it, unfortunately the scum has to wait until the soldier phase to pick up the treasure and run for it. Fortunately I have initiative, so he will be moving first.
Alan's commandos break into the corridor and Dengar is blasted and the storm trooper is wounded. The Storm trooper leaps into the main room and tries to shoot down Alan's treasure carrying thief. this doesn't work. and the trooper is gunned down shortly there after.
Greedo makes a break for the airlock with the Emperors bar tab.
Fogging like mad he Inquisitor and his last squad member are trying to make it through a doorway.

The commandos are now in control of the cafeteria and closing on the final objective. The commandos cut off one of the doorways.
"Looks like you managed to cut off our escape route."
A wandering robot arrives through the door. Before he can open fire Darth pushes him back 19 inches into the wall. Strangely this didn't work on the justice department robots. I couldn't roll over a 5 on them so I only caused them to sway slightly.

The Inquisitor heals himself and charges back into combat.
The Inquisitor is subdued by a commando and with that the mission is over.

This game was a lot of fun, we can play this with any scifi models. Maybe we can even get the Star Wars legion players to join in. I would certainly play this again and it has me inspired to paint up some more rebels.

I am not sure about the value of an apprentice at very low level. It seems like a waste of 200 points to get someone with such low stats. Unless you take a college with low casting value spells the Apprentice will likely spend all the game trying to cast a spell and hurting them self.

I think I would be better to take just a wizard and 10 storm troopers.


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