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Rangers of Shadow Deep - The Spiders Picnic

Arzad and his crew finally figured out the direction of the strange tracks and drag marks (failing the Tracking roll). The party made it to the edge of the forest. Some of the trees were covered with sticky strands. "Spiders I bet",  "Disgusting creatures"  "Some healers have made medicine out of the venom and some artisans make silk cloth out of the spider silk." "The only artistic things we will be doing is finding new ways to kill them!" Turn 1 Arzad spotted a Spider though the trees and skewered it with an arrow. The Archer shot another spider and wounded it. The rest of the party ran forwards as did the other spiders. An extra spider appeared near one of the nest trees. Turn 2 The Swordsman kills the wounded spider Arzad misses a spider, as does the archer. A spider bites Arzad but he parries with his shield The Rogue opens a cocoon and frees a survivor, the wizard also frees a survivor. A bright ray of sunshine breaks through a gap in the t

Necromunda, Van Saar test drive

 After our first iteration gangs got rather too powerful we have made new starting gangs. I am building a Van Saar gang, thinking that the game is likely to be better with house gangs rather than the outliers. Van Saar's are almost the complete opposite to the cannibal meat workers We went to James's house to play because the Club facilities have been turned into an emergency vaccination center. James has a great room for gaming so everyone had loads of fun. I played James's Delaque gang. In theory this should be two shooting gangs having a shoot out. I don't really want to deploy above ground level because Van Saars have rubbish initiative. I have just about made it out of my deployment zone past the sniper fire and now a monster is stalking my back field. James Juve with Hand Flamer makes it around the corner and flames three of my gang. None of the flames wound but everyone is on fire. Yeah! At least the Juve has taken a flesh wound from my Radiation stratagem. A cou

Rangers of Shadow Deep

 I set up a quick first mission for Rangers of Shadow Deep. A while back I made a Ranger, Arzad the Bugbear Slayer. He started out as a Redbook D&D character and not knowing what Bugbears were casually slaughtered one while a level 1 fighter. Now 35 years later he is back where he started, patrolling the boundaries between civilisation and the wilderness. Arzad has changed over the years and now fights more as an armoured horse archer. He still has his trademark shield with the face or a Bugbear enameled onto the metal. Here is his team. We have an Arcanist, an Archer, a Conjurer, a Rogue and a Swordsman. Turn 1 The team had arrived in the center of the village. It was deserted, we noticed a couple of Giant Rats lurking near a couple of the huts, then with a slithering and slurping sound a horde of hideous tentacle monsters (from Crooked Dice) surrounded the heroes Arzad leads his team towards the nearest hut. Both Arzad and the archer miss shots at the creatures Arzad and the Swor

Trash into terrain

I have been making some rubble piles out of some scrap polystyrene packaging. I got inspired by reading Dr Who and the Day of the Daleks and watching the old movie Dr Who and the Daleks invasion of Earth. So with pictures of Daleks trundling around between rubble piles in my head, off I went. Phase 1 I made up some bases out of scraps of foam core or expanded PVC sheet I then glued pieces of styrene foams into shapes. I used some of the corner offcuts of the foam to give some vertical support structure to the Polystyrene chunks. Then I added some chunks of cork and small rocks to increase the texture and fill in some of the gaps. I added so These are some linear wall shapes, I ripped pieces off the foam to make the outlines more irregular. These are the second generation piles. I didn't bother with the extra texture from small rocks and just made the foam more irregular. Once the foam chunks have dried they get coated in a plaster slurry to tie the shapes together and protect the f