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Terrain, the hills are alive with the sound of music

I have been working on some hills for Saga. I have a gentle hill and two rocky hills. I can also put the smaller hill onto of the bigger hill. these are made out of polystyrene cut to shape and then coated in sand and then painted in several colours of brown. then I have been adding some flock to the sides of the hills. I think this flock is 25 years old. Minced up colours of foam last for ever. I now need to go back over the flock and add some more glue to the flock. This will help it stick down. I can then dry brush the flock to bled it into the soil texture. Then will be adding some grass, especially around the top of the hills. this may also make it easier for models to place the models on the hill. I have also been making some round based for mounted warlords to help people tell the warlords apart from the mounted models are on pill bases.

Saga Templars

Earlier this year I got into Saga. This is an interesting game. The Army list selection process is very simple. If Warhammer is a 9 out of ten for complexity and Kings of war is a 5, Saga is a 1 or 2. This makes the theory hammer list building and combo divining very limited. The subtlety and complexity comes from having the racial abilities in your battle board. finding a good ability or two and how to use their combinations to get a good result. Saga also has a random element to its command and control. Unlike 40K or Kings of War you don't get to move all your units each turn. This sometimes means you have to adapt your plan on the fly if the dice gods throw you a curve ball. Some other games have a random element of command and control Bolt Action, Test of Honor and even the venerable DBMM for example. Players will either like this kind of thing or not. but then we are playing an inherently random game based in dice. Here are my Templars.

Winter is coming

With southerly squalls battering the country, I put some snow on my new Dark age building. My friend Alan bought a laser cutter and has been cranking out laser cut terrain faster than you can say formaldehyde. He gave me a dark age building that I assembled and painted. The basic kit looks like this. I sacrificed a teddy bear to make the roof. After some paint, fur and snow it looks like

Shadow War Armageddon

Last meeting Alan, Kent, Thomas and I played a game of Shadow War Armageddon. I used a Necron Warband so I got to make all sorts of cliche robot quotes and clump about the under hive exterminating the flesh creatures. this game got me inspired, So I dug out some old models for an Inquistion army that progressed slower than the codexes changed. this was an opportunity to do some more work on my old models. Here is my inquisitor ready to purge some Xenos.