Saga Templars

Earlier this year I got into Saga. This is an interesting game. The Army list selection process is very simple. If Warhammer is a 9 out of ten for complexity and Kings of war is a 5, Saga is a 1 or 2.

This makes the theory hammer list building and combo divining very limited. The subtlety and complexity comes from having the racial abilities in your battle board. finding a good ability or two and how to use their combinations to get a good result.

Saga also has a random element to its command and control. Unlike 40K or Kings of War you don't get to move all your units each turn. This sometimes means you have to adapt your plan on the fly if the dice gods throw you a curve ball.

Some other games have a random element of command and control Bolt Action, Test of Honor and even the venerable DBMM for example. Players will either like this kind of thing or not. but then we are playing an inherently random game based in dice.

Here are my Templars.


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