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Terrain crafting

I had a weekend to myself so I got to convert the kitchen bench into a crafting station. I have been building some terrain out of polystyrene. I coated them with off some green paint I got cheap and then sprinkled some texture sand in it to give them some surface texture. The sand then sticks to the paint to form a textured coat. Then I painted them with a second coat of paint. Now I have a really good hard coat of paint and can get into painting the colours on the terrain.  This is an example of the buildings they are a sort of rocky igloo shape. They are about 150mm high so will provide cover to even a knight. The buildings have two stories and are hollow so I ca take them apart and put models inside.  This is a rocky pillar, again its about 6" tall and 4 or so wide. Models can stand on top.  These are some close ups of the interior of my big base terrain piece. This is a 3 level layout its about 4 feet long and over a foot wide. The rocky  surface is s

We just got our asses kicked man

It was a tough day trying to collect bounties in the underhive. My bounty hunters tried out a game against Alan's Genestealer cultists. The story was that the local guilders had noticed some irregularities in the labour force and had posted a bounty on the suspected trouble makers. My Hunters had tracked the suspects back to their lair and had decided to take out some members of the gang to bring back as evidence. Here are the team in their prestart positions. Here are a couple of shots of the table. I used some of my Adeptus Mechanicus terrain to fill out one of the open tiles. The Cult lair is the in the back left corner of this picture. This is the other side of the board indicating the route which my team would be using to approach. Note the holes in the floor which will make taking up optimal firing positions difficult. there is also a fuel spill in the room on the other side of the room which could explode spraying burning fuel over anyone caught in

Fun with hot glue

This weekend I had some fun doing some work on Terrain. I have seen people getting all excited about Star Wars (based on the response from some sectors of the new movies, excited involves lots of threats and name calling). While Star Wars Legion doesn't inspire me as a game the Star Wars buildings make great terrain. So I had a go at constructing some buildings out of household junk. So some plastic plates, plastic bowls, polystyrene spheres, cardboard tubes and some hot glue and I got some buildings under construction. I want to get some deeper bowls maybe some plant pots to make some taller towers. Next step will be using some off cuts from MDF kits to add details especially the polystyrene blocks which will provide some depth and interest. I also added some hot glue to one of the pieces of MDF terrain. I now have thick liquid pouring out of the vents. then I added a coat of Nurgles Rot to make it even more disgusting. I have started work on my Armiger kn

The Cult is back in town

Trying to rouse the masses from their torpor of slaving for the Imperium is hard work. Just when you think you have organised a workers rights collective meeting safe from the oppressive forces of the Paletine hive a rival faction starts competing to win the hearts and minds of the huddled masses. These interlopers must be stopped. So Alan and I took our Necromunda gangs out for another first game. At the end of the last game both of our leaders died so we started new gangs. I had done some more work on my terrain so there are now patches of yellow sodium light on the rusty walls. This battle ended up in a big close range firefight and melee in this room. There were loads of hide and seek with groups opening doors, shooting and then closing them. The variability of being able to open doors really changes the battlefield. The flank you are resting on suddenly becomes a death trap when a door opens and a grenade gets tossed in or a rapid fire weapon hoses the room. Thi