We just got our asses kicked man

It was a tough day trying to collect bounties in the underhive. My bounty hunters tried out a game against Alan's Genestealer cultists. The story was that the local guilders had noticed some irregularities in the labour force and had posted a bounty on the suspected trouble makers.

My Hunters had tracked the suspects back to their lair and had decided to take out some members of the gang to bring back as evidence. Here are the team in their prestart positions.

Here are a couple of shots of the table. I used some of my Adeptus Mechanicus terrain to fill out one of the open tiles. The Cult lair is the in the back left corner of this picture.

This is the other side of the board indicating the route which my team would be using to approach. Note the holes in the floor which will make taking up optimal firing positions difficult. there is also a fuel spill in the room on the other side of the room which could explode spraying burning fuel over anyone caught in the blast.

Here is the climax of the battle Alan's Abberant charged through the door and smashed my hunt leader and another hunter out of action.

My return fire took the abberant out of action but only just (7 hits turning into 2 wounds on 4+). The Abberant then recovered and then knocked my sniper into a hole in the floor.

My hunt team bottled (we call it a reassessment of return on risk) and even some late game heroics by my champion with the combat shotgun was never going to be enough.

Here are some of my WIP hunters. I might need some of these as new recruits for the hunt team.


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