The Cult is back in town

Trying to rouse the masses from their torpor of slaving for the Imperium is hard work. Just when you think you have organised a workers rights collective meeting safe from the oppressive forces of the Paletine hive a rival faction starts competing to win the hearts and minds of the huddled masses.

These interlopers must be stopped.

So Alan and I took our Necromunda gangs out for another first game. At the end of the last game both of our leaders died so we started new gangs. I had done some more work on my terrain so there are now patches of yellow sodium light on the rusty walls.

This battle ended up in a big close range firefight and melee in this room. There were loads of hide and seek with groups opening doors, shooting and then closing them. The variability of being able to open doors really changes the battlefield. The flank you are resting on suddenly becomes a death trap when a door opens and a grenade gets tossed in or a rapid fire weapon hoses the room.

This game also featured some dangerous terrain, we had a trash compactor, giant pit, generators and turbines.

After a hard fought battle my guys decided that leaving was the best way to represent the dark gods. In good news my leader didn't die and the cult completed a ritual to Tzeentch.


  1. Looks like a great board and a good game.

    1. Thanks Philip. it is a lot of fun. The terrain could also be used in 40K


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