Fun with hot glue

This weekend I had some fun doing some work on Terrain. I have seen people getting all excited about Star Wars (based on the response from some sectors of the new movies, excited involves lots of threats and name calling). While Star Wars Legion doesn't inspire me as a game the Star Wars buildings make great terrain. So I had a go at constructing some buildings out of household junk.

So some plastic plates, plastic bowls, polystyrene spheres, cardboard tubes and some hot glue and I got some buildings under construction.

I want to get some deeper bowls maybe some plant pots to make some taller towers.

Next step will be using some off cuts from MDF kits to add details especially the polystyrene blocks which will provide some depth and interest.

I also added some hot glue to one of the pieces of MDF terrain. I now have thick liquid pouring out of the vents. then I added a coat of Nurgles Rot to make it even more disgusting.

I have started work on my Armiger knights. These can support my bigger knights. I have gone for a simpler scheme as befitting a junior member of the house.


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