Terrain crafting

I had a weekend to myself so I got to convert the kitchen bench into a crafting station. I have been building some terrain out of polystyrene. I coated them with off some green paint I got cheap and then sprinkled some texture sand in it to give them some surface texture. The sand then sticks to the paint to form a textured coat. Then I painted them with a second coat of paint. Now I have a really good hard coat of paint and can get into painting the colours on the terrain.

 This is an example of the buildings they are a sort of rocky igloo shape. They are about 150mm high so will provide cover to even a knight. The buildings have two stories and are hollow so I ca take them apart and put models inside.

 This is a rocky pillar, again its about 6" tall and 4 or so wide. Models can stand on top.
 These are some close ups of the interior of my big base terrain piece. This is a 3 level layout its about 4 feet long and over a foot wide. The rocky  surface is sand texture and tin foil laid over the polystyrene structures. these shots give a models eye view of the tunnels and surface texture.

This also shows one of the stairwells to a lower level. The stairs are wide enough for models to go up and down. I can now go in and add some extra details with cables and ducting, to give it a sort of rebel base look.

I am not quite sure whether to go with a snow Hoth style look or a more stone like look either Tatooine or the Yavin jungle base.

I have also been working on my Imperial Knight army. Now that the codex is available, I can make a new list. I can get my 3 knights, 2 battalions of Imperial Guard and Inquisitor Eisenhorn and this give me 18 command points. So even after spending 6 to make each knight a character with a warlord trait and a relic I still have 12 command points to use over the first couple of turns. I might be able to get in a game with the army this weekend.


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