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If you go down to the woods today

You might become an endangered species. I am building a second age of magic army for Saga. Apparently my Undead can be annoying to play. Who would have thought that cursing two key units and casting nightmares on one of them would be annoying? So I am building a Lords of the Wild army from my back catalogue of unpainted miniatures. The army is made from GW beastmen from last millenium, Mierce Miniatures most of which were from the Maelstrom going out of business sale and some Privateer Press Legion of Everblight elves. I have a general on beast, a sorcerer, 3 quadraped creatures, 6 hearthguard with bows, 2 units of warriors a unit of levy and a flying monster. This army will be quite different to play, it can do quite a lot of shooting and is quite good a making use of terrain, you can even turn a piece of terrain into a titan and use that to attack enemy units or annoy them by moving in their way. This remind

Saga Age of Magic - Battle Report

I got in a game of Saga Age of Magic down at the club today. Thomas brought his Great Kingdom army out again for a rematch. It was also good to see a couple of other people trying out the game. Here is my initial deployment. We ended up with the spaced out deployment when your units can't be within 8 of each other. With 8 points of units, it gets quite crowded so you end up spread out and in two lines.  In Turn 1, I moved up, my Catapult killed a knight and then I cast nightmares on the knights. Everyone else marched up  Thomas moved his knights forward to attack my catapult, they took a fatigue from nightmares.  Thomas's warriors attacked my Skeleton warriors, I beat him 2-1 so he fell back, Everyone else advanced  The Knights charged the catapults, they took another fatigue for moving over uneven ground and then a third for moving again. The Combat was a nill all draw, my Catapult also ended up exhausted.  Thomas's other unit of knights attacked m

Saga Undead Legion

I have been doing some more work on my Saga Undead Legion. I have a Necromancer Warlord, I like this option because it gives me a Warlord who can influence the battle without needing to get into combat. I have a foot model a mounted model and one on winged beast. There are advantages to all three alternatives. The drawback is that a Necromancer is pretty rubbish in combat. I am still finalising the Spells, I do like nightmares, especially when combined with Curse, it can double the effect, Precognition is a nice defensive boost and then either Rush or Bane look useful. I like 2 points of Hearthguard this usually gives me a hard hitting unit. I will spend half a point on a Lieutenant. I need to make some rounded end bases for them, I added a round base to the ends of the old cavalry bases. to better fit in with other models. I have some GW black knights if I go with the mounted options and some Cryx Bane Thralls if I want to use some on foot. The other half point of hea

Raid on Saurian Major.

Alan, Richard and I got together for our third game of Last Days. In our campaign, the Alliance led by President Lester have been absorbing groups of survivors. Being a member of the alliance offers safety and security but it also means following the diktats of the ruling council and turning over all your supplies and equipment. The Alliance have a radio transmitter which is broadcasting their appeal for members and their news. It is also jamming independent groups who have low powered basic sets. Our heroes have gone out to try and disable the communications.  This is an overview of the compound. This is surrounded by Jungle, this is the Warlord Games special operations compound. We used Alan's collection of scenery to provide the details.  Here are the defenders, there are a couple of soldiers and a selection of gang members and survivors from the Warlord Games Project Z sets.  We each picked a corner to approach from. Richard needed supplies for his group, Some fo