Saga Age of Magic - Battle Report

I got in a game of Saga Age of Magic down at the club today. Thomas brought his Great Kingdom army out again for a rematch. It was also good to see a couple of other people trying out the game.
Here is my initial deployment. We ended up with the spaced out deployment when your units can't be within 8 of each other. With 8 points of units, it gets quite crowded so you end up spread out and in two lines.

 In Turn 1, I moved up, my Catapult killed a knight and then I cast nightmares on the knights. Everyone else marched up

 Thomas moved his knights forward to attack my catapult, they took a fatigue from nightmares.
 Thomas's warriors attacked my Skeleton warriors, I beat him 2-1 so he fell back, Everyone else advanced

 The Knights charged the catapults, they took another fatigue for moving over uneven ground and then a third for moving again. The Combat was a nill all draw, my Catapult also ended up exhausted.
 Thomas's other unit of knights attacked my warriors and killed some off.
 My Knights attacked Thomas's exhausted knights and killed them off for no loss.
 My Warriors removed their fatigue then Necromancy replaced the losses, then they charged the knights. I killed 1 and bounced off. My creatures then did a follow up attack, they got a bad case of rubber fangs and bounced off exhausted.
 Thomas's knights killed off my creatures
 My Skellies did the shed fatigue, recover losses and charged the knights. The battle on my left flank has slowed down starved of Saga dice.
I managed to kill off a knight and bounced back. The my Black Knight had a go. He failed and bounced off
 My Hearthguard attacked Thomas's warriors I killed 6 for the loss of 3 knights.
 Thomas's warriors returned the favour, they flailed wildly but did not cause any casualties, lost two and withdrew.

Thomas's knights attacked my warriors
 One brave knight dies as did one skeleton. Thomas's warlord attacked my heathguard. They got wiped out but exhausted the warlord in return.

 A very tired knight is standing in front of my warriors

My Warriors rested and then attacked the Warlord, killing him. At this point we ended the game.
So loads of fun, I am still refining the list, I an not sure about the Black Knight.maybe I am not using him right. He isn't a big enough hitter to use as a counter puncher maybe he is a better defensive piece to exhaust attackers.


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