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Death Guard kill team

I have been having some fun building some plague marines and pox walkers for my Death Guard kill team. As with most of my kill team projects it has grown rather out of control. The new Plague Marine models are suitably disgusting with loads of horrible details, tentacles spilling out of cracked armour and all sorts of boils lesions and buboes. The models are all the new style with arms, legs and torsos designed to go together in specific combinations. This does limit conversion options but it does allow GW to pack loads of detail onto the models in ways which would not have been possible with the old flat jointed arms and weapons. One thing that is annoying is that the new malignant plague caster is only available in the large boxed starter set. There is no blister pack option for this model. So I have converted a couple out of some plague marines. Some curly wood elf bits from the spares box helped in making the gnarled staves they carry. I have been thinking of linking 40K a

Kill Team coming to the Warlords

I have been inspired to build a new kill team. I am going to pick up a place from our old Sector Tiberius map to set up a mini campaign and then get other people inspired to play. I like the idea of painting a few models and that's enough to play then you can expand your roster and make some more interesting models so its perfect for a slow grow format. It is fun to go through the name generator and the demeanors for the team. That adds extra levels of personalisation and individuality to the team members that are not practicable in a 40k army. People don't name models that are "first bullet catcher on the left". If people want to play please let me know.

Vikings vs Last Romans

I got in a second outing with my Last Romans against Alan's Vikings. I have 2 points of Hearthguard and 4 points of warriors, I have exchanged the Last Roman Warriors for a unit of Flemish mercenaries and a unit of Breton Cavalry.  Here are the Romans, they have deployed behind the field and the marsh with the Flemmings in the gap  Here are the Vikings split into 2 groups. The levy are on teh hill to the left with the small hearthguard and warriors and on the right are the warlord, hearthguard and the big warrior unit. In my first turn I only have three dice and I don't want the fighting to to start to early so I bank my dice onto the battle board and only move the Flemmings forwards. Alan moved up his levy and took a shot at my archers I diverted the shot onto the flemmings who took no casualties.  The Vikings shuffle arouns a bit in the middle not keen to spend all their activations getting into charge range of the cavalry.  My archers open fire. Alan exhau

Saga Viking civil war

We got to play a couple of games of Saga at todays meeting. Alan and Russel had a Viking on Viking game. Russell deciding to raid Alan's village hoping to catch him napping after a hard days raiding.  Here is the core of the Russell's Raiders, 2 units of 8 hearthguard and a unit of Berserkers. Russel also had 2 units of 6 Levy with bows on the flanks to provide a couple of Saga dice at least for a while. Alan had 3 points of hearthguard arranged as an 8 and a 4 and a 2 points of warriors arranged as a 10 and a 6 and a block of 12 levy. Russell contented himself with moving forward using the free activations and storing his dice in abilities on the battleboard. Alan moved his levy onto the hill and fired at Russell's levy killing 2 and costing him a Saga dice. Goaded into action Russell pushed forwards a unit of hearthguard and stormed into the Levy. The Levy used several saga abilities and were able to kill 4 hearthguard before being wipe