Saga Viking civil war

We got to play a couple of games of Saga at todays meeting.
Alan and Russel had a Viking on Viking game. Russell deciding to raid Alan's village hoping to catch him napping after a hard days raiding.
 Here is the core of the Russell's Raiders, 2 units of 8 hearthguard and a unit of Berserkers. Russel also had 2 units of 6 Levy with bows on the flanks to provide a couple of Saga dice at least for a while.

Alan had 3 points of hearthguard arranged as an 8 and a 4 and a 2 points of warriors arranged as a 10 and a 6 and a block of 12 levy.

Russell contented himself with moving forward using the free activations and storing his dice in abilities on the battleboard.

Alan moved his levy onto the hill and fired at Russell's levy killing 2 and costing him a Saga dice.

Goaded into action Russell pushed forwards a unit of hearthguard and stormed into the Levy. The Levy used several saga abilities and were able to kill 4 hearthguard before being wiped out.

With the assault on the levy being a somewhat Phyrric victory the board looks like this.
 Alan's big unit of warriors assaulted Russell's big unit of heartguard. Inspired by the gods (or just good beer) the warriors kill 6 hearthguard
 3 of the warriors get sacrificed to pump up the attacks of the warriors. It is very hard to please the Norse gods.
By the end of the fight in the middle the warriors are all dead. The Hearthguard struck back hard and smashed all the warriors.
Alan then tried to send his hearthguard up the hill to attack Russell's. Slogging uphill must have been harder than it looked.
The combat is a draw with both sides losing a casualty and Alan's survivors retreating down the hill.

Russell triggered Ragnarok. The Berserkers charged into Alan's big block of hearthguard determined that everyone would be in Vallhalla in time for happy hour.

The berserkers were slightly underwhelming and only killed 6 hearthguard before being wiped out. this put a fatigue on Russell's warlord.
 Russell's warlord assaulted Alan's
Alan's warlord ends the fight exhausted and had tho throw a heathguard in the way of an ax to stay alive. The combat was a draw and Russell's warlord had to withdraw.
 Russell then sen in his two hearthguard into Alan's 6 pack of warriors. The Heartguard were killed off but the warriors were down to 3 survivors so were not generating a Saga dice.
Alan' sent his surviving heathguard into Russell's everyone died.
The two Warlords stare exhaustedly at each other. Alan then sends in the last 3 warriors to finish off Russell's warlord
There is a flurry of axes and Russell's warlord goes down but he takes a couple of warriors with him.

At this point the game is over and Alan has a warlord, a hearthbuard and a warrior, Russell has 10 levies.

Alan 27.6
Russell 25.5

So the game turned out to be a draw because the wining margin was less than 3 points.

So this was an exciting and fun game. Vikings are very powerful at generating extra dice resulting in lots of mutually assured assured destruction. lots of good tales for the Saga's


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