Vikings vs Last Romans

I got in a second outing with my Last Romans against Alan's Vikings. I have 2 points of Hearthguard and 4 points of warriors, I have exchanged the Last Roman Warriors for a unit of Flemish mercenaries and a unit of Breton Cavalry.
 Here are the Romans, they have deployed behind the field and the marsh with the Flemmings in the gap
 Here are the Vikings split into 2 groups. The levy are on teh hill to the left with the small hearthguard and warriors and on the right are the warlord, hearthguard and the big warrior unit.

In my first turn I only have three dice and I don't want the fighting to to start to early so I bank my dice onto the battle board and only move the Flemmings forwards.

Alan moved up his levy and took a shot at my archers I diverted the shot onto the flemmings who took no casualties.

 The Vikings shuffle arouns a bit in the middle not keen to spend all their activations getting into charge range of the cavalry.
 My archers open fire. Alan exhausts the first unit which fires on his levy. The archers shoot the hearthguard and the Bretons ride up, throw javelins and then ride back. They kill one warrior and put a fatigue on the unit.
 The levy shoot the flemmings and manage to kill one this time, then the hearthguard attack them and kill 4 more. The Flemmings raised their shields and so were very hard to kill.

The Fleming surviors withdraw out of the way clearing a gap.
 The Hearthguard charge in and kill 6 hearthguard for the loss of 1. I thought about falling back but decided to press on and finish the remaining Heathguard.
This leaves the cavalry exhaused in the middle of the viking line.
The Viking Warriors charge in an kill off the hearthguard cavalry for the loss of 3 warriors.
 The Small unit of Viking hearthguard now make a move into the middle.
I am running out of Saga dice at this point. I need to thin out the enemy numbers. Alan cancels the activation of the white archers.
The red archers fire on the warriors but Alan makes all the saves. Alan reckons the warriors save much more often now that he has put the shields on the models.
 The Vikings are tired of getting shot so the warriors attack my archers.
The Vikings win the fight 3-2 the archers make a withdrawal. They might be archers but they are still warriors rather than levy.

The Bretons have rested up and are ready for another go.
 It is now turn 6 and I need to kill off these warriors. the Bretons move forwards and completely miss their first volley. however some urgent shouting from the Roman commander inspires them to greater efforts. The second volley results in 4 hits and Alan fails all the save and the warriors are all killed off

The Romans fall back everywhere they can to put as much distance between them and the Vikings.

 The Viking Heartguard make a long march and attack the Bretons. They are able to remove fatigue they incur in their approach so I am not able to slow them down by spending their fatigue.

The Vikings hulk up and then the Bretons play Retreat cancelling both attack pools. The Vikings then have one more battleboard ability and sacrifice 3 hearthguard and attack with 9 dice. The Bretons lose 5 warriors and fall back exhausted.

The Roman left flank are happy the hearthguard didn't come after them.

Last Romans 19
Vikings 15.5

So a narrow win to the Romans. The Italian coast is safe for now.


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