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Hobby Update - Kill Team - Chaos Legionary

I'm off to a Kill Team event in the second half of Easter. I'm trying out the Chaos Legionaries team. Here are my current 20 models that are likely to make the cut. I've selected Khorne, Nurgle and some Undivided operatives. The Khorne operatives are very good against low wound operatives and with the fight twice and perpetual aggression they can leapfrog across the board. Nurgle Operatives are tough so are good against teams with high damage weapons. The Undivided operatives are great in close up situations so might be useful in the Into the Dark missions. I still have some final touch ups to do and I'm applying grime to my terrain.

Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Exterminatus

Admiral Akrell looked at the orders in his hand. Finally his command would be going to engage the chaos fleet. Even if guarding a mining colony wasn't the most noble sounding assignment. Jame's fleet of Blood Soaked Berserkers were out to misbehave and commit an atrocity on the Imperial Mining colony. Here is my fleet defending the planet. We also have some planetary defenses and some converted freighters, filled with highly inflammable stores. I have some more ships out on patrol that might come back to assist in time. Here we are lining for some gentle nova cannon fire. Here is James's fleet, they have been burning hard diverting power to engines to minimise the time in Nova Cannon range. here are a pair of ancient grand cruisers, 2 squadrons of Devastation cruisers and 2 Slaughter class cruisers. James has a wave of ordnance out in front. One of my reinforcing squadrons of Cobra Destroyers has arrived and is about to launch a torpedo salvo at the carriers. The Slaughter

Kill Team - Blood for the Blood God

On Saturday I took on Ed's Veteran Guardsmen with my Legionaries. I decided to try out an all Khorne team. I took, a Chosen, Butcher, Annointed, Shrivetalon, Gunner with Flamer and Gunner with Heavy Bolter. This battle was taking place with the Guardsmen defending a ruined Imperial Shrine.   We were deployed along the short edges of the table. My general strategy would be to move up in conceal on the first turn and then blitz the guardsmen in a whirlwind of close combat bloodletting. My Heavy Gunner managed to shoot one guardsman and then killed a second with an overwatch burst after the trooper had the temerity to shoot at him. The guardsmen taking up defensive positions in the ruins of the shrine. The battle cries of the Chaos Space Marines echoing through the gloom. Ed did the common Imparial Guard play and dashed almost his whole team forwards. This put him in range of the objectives. With the first activation he moved a pair of his GA2 troopers onto the central objectives and

Battlefleet Gothic - game three - mining claim dispute

For game three of the BFG campaign, my fleet was dispatched to a mining colony that was being plagued by Demiurge. These abhumans would harvest and refine all sorts of materials and energy sources before selling them to the highest bidder. They also tended to view enemy ships as a nice convenient package of refined materials. We ended up with a fleet engagement. This is my third engagement of this type. I ended up flanking the Demiurge, kind of a pincer movement if it goes well and a dagger to the heart if not.  One the left side the Battlebarge Reaper forms a battlegroup with the Eternal Vigilance. Here are the Demiurge, there is a battleship and three cruisers. These ships are highly automated, something the Adeptus Mechanicus finds to be an abomination.  This battlegroup is comprised of the Flaming Sword of Irrefutable Justice a new arrival in the sector in formation with the James T. Cook and the Marathon Triumphant. The Demiurge accelerate to engagement range some of the ships div

Sargrave the Magnificant 10 part 2

I was thinking this was going to be a relatively easy mission. Then I realised I had misread the rules for slaver reinforcements. I thought there was one group of reinforcements in turn 4 and another in turn 8. It turns out there should be another group of reinforcements in a random corner in each of the first 4 turns. So I rolled up and put a random group in each corner, creating a second wave of attackers. Fortunately I failed to roll up another chaos space marine. The inquisitor gets bashed and pushed back, the cultists are trying to push him back so they can get to Vel. A counter charge from Chella and Drix drives the cultists back. Will this be the end of the brave Trooper Sugden? After blasting one cultist he jumped into combat with another and promptly got incapacitated by a crit 20. Brother Athos is trying to block the gap between the school hit and the village hall and intercept all the cultists trying to grab villagers. A veritable whirlwind of ceramite as bounds back and for