Battlefleet Gothic - game three - mining claim dispute

For game three of the BFG campaign, my fleet was dispatched to a mining colony that was being plagued by Demiurge. These abhumans would harvest and refine all sorts of materials and energy sources before selling them to the highest bidder. They also tended to view enemy ships as a nice convenient package of refined materials.

We ended up with a fleet engagement. This is my third engagement of this type. I ended up flanking the Demiurge, kind of a pincer movement if it goes well and a dagger to the heart if not. 

One the left side the Battlebarge Reaper forms a battlegroup with the Eternal Vigilance.

Here are the Demiurge, there is a battleship and three cruisers. These ships are highly automated, something the Adeptus Mechanicus finds to be an abomination. 
This battlegroup is comprised of the Flaming Sword of Irrefutable Justice a new arrival in the sector in formation with the James T. Cook and the Marathon Triumphant.
The Demiurge accelerate to engagement range some of the ships diverted power from other systems to drives and moved forwards. The Demiurge are going to try and overwhelm my right flank battlegroup. 
The Cook scrambles a wave of fighters to provide an anti-ordinance screen. We opened fire with the Nova cannons. We needed to get away from the focal point of the demiurge fleet and get to an edge.
The Cook also launched a salvo of torpedoes which reached just in front of the approaching Demiurge cruiser. Those torpedoes will come back much later in the game.

The Imperial squadron continues sliding right towards the Gravity well of a small planet. The Cook recycles its ordnance squadrons and launches an attack wave. Irrefutable Justice continues on bombarding the enemy fleet with its Nova Cannon and dorsal batteries. The range is starting to decrease rapidly.
The Reaper is closing the other jaw of the trap, launching waves of thunderhawk attack craft and torpedoes. Ordnance battles between squadrons of Imperial and Demiurge craft break out as groups of craft try to defend their carriers or break past and inflict damage. The resilience of the Thunderhawks allows them to survive combat and still make their attack runs.
The Vigilance is launching waves of attack craft while it navigates around that asteroid field.
Weapon batteries lay down salvoes of fire between the craft. The Cook and the Triumphant are deploying damage control parties and are braced for impact in the face of intense Demiurge fire. The leading Demiurge ship is also taking heavy fire.
Too Close for Nova Cannons, switching to lances. The Irrefutable Justice locks on and pounds the lead demiurge cruiser. An ordnance strike from the Cook reduces the Demurge cruiser on the planet to a burning hulk. The Triumphant manages to add some shots from its remaining batteries.
The Irrefutable Justice uses the gravity well to maintain a lock and cripples the Demiurge battleship. The other two ships have diverted resources to damage control and the Triumphant has been crippled.
The Reaper is also closing from the other side and its weapons batteries are also hammering out salvoes.

With the damage mounting the Demiurge fleet disengages.
On the other side of the battle the Vigilance has cleared the asteroid field just in time to run headlong into the remainder of the torpedo salvo launched by the Cook.


  1. "James T Cook" haha excellent :D
    Very good report and long time no see. :)
    I intend on coming up to the club next week so hopefully you're playing something interesting like this I can check out.

    1. For the last 25 years or so we have used a background for our games set in the 40K universe. We created the star sector Tiberius to give our games some detail.
      The original rediscover was the Rogue Trader James Tiberius Cook. Many of my ships are named after ships from Cook's fleet that discovered New Zealand.

      Good to see you again. We will be playing more BFG on the 7th of April.


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