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Stargrave - 40K style -Botched Deal

At yesterday's Warlords meeting, some members and guests were having a Star Wars Legion event. There were about 16 people playing. Here are some shots of some of the games. This is a desert planet. This is the jungle planet. Somebody was using the Angry Teddybear Freedom Movement. Here is an ice planet. The Imperial insurance assessors will have their work cut out for them here. While all this Star Wars fun was going on George Daniel and I had an introductory game of Stargrave. We were using 40k themed models. George had Orks, Daniel had Tau and I had the Inquisition. In this scenario some cultists had set up a deal to sell some guns and information to some other factions and the Inquisition had gotten wind of this (what else are Criminal Informants for?) and were out to shut down the operation. None of this due process and arresting the miscreants, we are the Inquisition after all. Here is the Inquisition. Inquisitor Rathborne is in disguise. I took him out to paint the highlight

Hobby update - more skirmish squads

 I have been having fun painting some more squads for Mars: Code Aurora and Stargrave. George and Daniel wanted to try out Stargrave, I painted up an inquisition crew. No one expects the Imperial Inquisition. The Captain and Lieutenant are Hasslefree, the Recruit at the right front is from Raging Heroes. I lost her arm when I was gluing her to her base, so she got a quick bionic arm. Most of the troopers are from the original Imperial guard box, upgraded with Cadian arms. The bodyguard is a mix of Chaos Marauder body, Cadian command squad arms and Cadian legs. The emo head is an Eldar guardian. I found some models I made a while back from Frostrgrave cultist bodies with different weapon arms, these are the ruffians that are up to no good. Trafficking with Xenos and Heretics is forbidden for good reason. I bought some Star Trek Federation models. These are resin 3D prints and come from the Away Team Red range. The only drawback with these models is they don't have a slot and some of

Mars : Code Aurora - Hungry Hungry Xenos

Alan and I tried out a second game of Mars Code Aurora, this time Alan used his Inquisition warband as Science, while I used my Gale Force 9 xenomorphs as the Hunger faction. Here are my Sarissa Precision Scifi colony buildings on my FLG asteroid mat and some home made terrain. Here are some scout Xenomorphs. The hunger faction get to redeploy up to 6 level 1 infantry, so I could put these anywhere and then reposition them when Alan had finished deploying. Here are some Xenomorphs ready to go exploring Here are some Xenos and the queen Here we are about to infest the other side of the colony. Here are the inquisition bad boys The xenomorphs advance down the corridors. The queen is inside the buildings but the model doesn't fit A Xenomorph is waiting inside the pod. The grey crates are what in inquisition is looking for. Maybe some valuable administratum paperwork. Alan's death cultist ran around the corner and attacked a Xemomorph Sweeps of its blades killed the xenomorph. I wo

Hobby Update - The colony expansion

 I have been doing more work on my Sci fi colony buildings from Sarissa Precision. Here are a couple of tracked vehicles from Sarissa, these have been weathered with a couple of different shades to match the rest of the buildings. These vehicles are sitting on my Mars Code Aurora book. That has been a lot of fun to read. Here are some close ups of the buildings.  This is the main HQ complex. Its the largest pod and its got two stories. Here is a view of the HQ pod. The buildings have roof hatches so your models can get up and run about on the roof. Here is other pod grouping. You can group the pods in all sorts of different configurations. Here is an overview of the whole collection of Pods. They are positioned on the new mat I got from CigarBox battlemats.  I need to paint the bases of the pods to match the mat I want it to go on.  I also have some stairs and catwalks to weather and a silo to finish. Then the whole collection can be based and its ready to go.