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Hobby update - having fun with terrain.

 I have been adding some more details to the interior or my Sarissa Scifi buildings. I got the Garage, however it wasn't quite long enough to park the vehicle. I built a new front end out of some extruded PVC sheet offcuts. I got some more rooms so I have been detailing the interiors with more duct pipes and and boxes. I might add some more operations type consoles and screens if I can make some that look OK. I also added an internal partition to divide this room into two smaller chambers. I cut this partition after I added the duct work so the joins are a bit rough because its hard to get it to fit. Note to self, add the partitions before you add the ducts. This is described as a Hab Pod in the catalogue. I converted it by swapping the side panels with another pod so it makes a great central building. I added some interior partitions to align with the panels provided by Sarissa as part of the kit. I made some equipment lockers to correspond with the outside hatches. I now have a m

Blakes 7 - Medlab Misadventures

 Avon led Soolin, Tarrant, Dayna and Major Reno towards Medlab in order to recover more information from the Federation Base. Not long after beaming down there was a power surge the base alarms started going off and the containment forcefields starting failing. Here is the teleport destination. The main corridor through Medlab A view across Medlab. A data loot is in the top right corner. The squad exist the teleport room. Avon unlocks the data loot Soolin kills a Zombie. These penal troopers are filled with some kind of inflammable napalm like mixture. If the zombie trooper is attacked the inflammable mixture can ignite and cause the zombie to explode. While this kills the zombie it also can kill or injure those nearby. A zombie arrives in the room the squad just left Federation security arrive behind one of the new combat mutants  Avon shoots on of the burster zombies for one damage and it explodes. Everyone else misses. A zombie attacks Tarrant. Major Reno kills the Zombie with Sooli

Frostgrave - experimental warbands

 Alan and I tried out Frostgrave again so we can familarise ourselves with the rules and try out some new gang concepts. In the first turn, I run forwards three soldiers, I was trying some Transpose shenanigans but my Wizard failed to cast but did earn himself 5xp for a sharp lesson in failure. I ended up with the Thief and the Thug together  The Apprentice has some soldier support, It's amazing who you can find and the local Stoic Arms franchise. The Wizard wraps around to the left and buff the combat awareness. The Thug runs around the stairs.  The Thief climbs up and gets to the corpse. It turns out its treasure. My Infantryman inspects one of the corpses and it turns into a Zombie in a box. Surprise, the zombie attacks and gets its head smashed in for its trouble. Bad Zombie Bad. The apprentice advances around the other side of the tower and manages to buff one of the soldiers. The Thief manages to unlock the treasure. The Thug then picks up the treasure. The Thief then runs of