Blakes 7 - Medlab Misadventures

 Avon led Soolin, Tarrant, Dayna and Major Reno towards Medlab in order to recover more information from the Federation Base. Not long after beaming down there was a power surge the base alarms started going off and the containment forcefields starting failing.

Here is the teleport destination.
The main corridor through Medlab
A view across Medlab. A data loot is in the top right corner.
The squad exist the teleport room. Avon unlocks the data loot Soolin kills a Zombie. These penal troopers are filled with some kind of inflammable napalm like mixture. If the zombie trooper is attacked the inflammable mixture can ignite and cause the zombie to explode. While this kills the zombie it also can kill or injure those nearby.
A zombie arrives in the room the squad just left
Federation security arrive behind one of the new combat mutants
 Avon shoots on of the burster zombies for one damage and it explodes. Everyone else misses. A zombie attacks Tarrant. Major Reno kills the Zombie with Soolins help. Dayna moves towards the data loot.
The FedSec trooper and the Assault zombies are trapped behind the security forcewall.
Dayna advances towards the data loot covered by Avon.
Another Security trooper arrives.
Avon creates a Holographic wall to block off the security trooper. Soolin advances to the hatch.
Dayna has made it to the loot but her line of retreat is not cut off by a Security trooper
Tarrant gets a critical hit on the zombie he is fighting, however it explodes and the bast inflicts a critical hit on Tarrant. Major Reno is also taken out. There goes Dayna's backup.
The Security trooper and the zombies are about to launch their assault.
However they are pinned behind the forcewall and can't get to the hatch.
Dayna is in combat with the Zombie. Dayna shot the zombie but its immunity to pain meant its wound didn't slow it down. The shot didn't ignite the zombie. In true security trooper fashion, the shot at Dayna missed.
Avon and Soolin make it into the room pursued by two assault zombies and a security trooper. Everyone missed everyone.
Dayna kills the zombie without it exploding and makes a break for the main corridor, the shots between Dayna and the security trooper both miss.
A federation security trooper arrives in the original teleport room. This trooper could cut Dayna off.
Federation security have set up a blocking force at the exit point. Avon shoots one of the zombie troopers and it explodes, this blows up and the blast kills the security trooper and another zombie. The other boat zombie catches some of the inflammable liquid and this causes it to explode. The entire room is cleansed in a firestorm. "Well that was spectacular".
Dayna has made it out of line of sight of the security troopers. they will then revert to standing orders and head for the exit.
Soolin an Avon exit the main room and manage to kill off some of the zombies but the federation trooper is still closing. Soolin takes a blaster bolt and is wounded.
More Federation Security show up tracking Dayna
Dayna makes it into the main room and engages the Fedsec trooper from behind.
Soolin kills the zombie she is fighting, it explodes but the burning fragments spray in the other direction
The Security trooper is taken down, but the security forcewall is now blocking Dayna from the exit. The Security troopers are almost at the door.
The main corridor is now filled with the tramp of security troopers.
fortunately the forcewall flickers off and Dayna races across the room. The wounded Soolin makes it to the exit. Avon stays to cover Dayna because she has the loot. 
Dayna kills the zombie she is fighting and she and Avon leave.

Fortunately everyone recovers from their wounds.

Well that was a near disaster. Losing 40% of your unit in one go takes a lot to recover from Dayna really had her work cut out for her to run the length of the board chased by security troopers and fighting zombies.



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