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My gaming in 2023

 Everyone else is doing a review of what they did in 2023 so I thought I would jump in the back of this APC and remind myself what I got up to. January I started the year on a Pulp Era kick. We had talked about doing Pulp era gaming. So while watching clips from Tales of the Golden Monkey I assembled this pacific island village set from Sarissa Precision. February February Alan and I played a mini campaign of 7TV based on the scifi series "V" where reptilian extra-terrestrials arrive at Earth in a fleet of huge spacecraft. Turns out they were here to steal the water and eat the people. March Alan and I played a game of Carnevale. I was using the Gifted and Alan was using his Ostrich riders. This game was hilarious and featured many cinematic moments. One of Alan's riders killed one of my elite warriors with his vuvuzella. April I repainted some Buzz Lightyear toys into spacecraft terrain. This was one of my first experiments with Starship steak and grime oil wash. This is

Hobby Update - Kill Teams

We have completed our Stargrave Quadrant 37 mini campaign. This was lots of fun. To continue the narrative, I split Inquisitor Rathbourne's team into two by promoting his Interrogator to full Inquisitor. So they both get new Lieutenants. The existing crew is split up. Some didn't like each other (Beaumont threw a Grenade at Willimas in one scenario). Here is Inquisitor Rathbourn's crew. He has gotten a new coat. Chef Rybeck has been rebuilt as a servitor Gunner. We have Bob and Kate our drones, Inquisitor Thatcher has a new crew including some of the old crew (Beaumont, Graeme and Dr Needles) and some that look like previous models. I bought some 3D printed Corrupted Guard. These took quite a while to arrive from France. I am making an Intercessor kill team out of some models I had. These are Sons of Medusa. These are some more 3D printed models that will be a Blooded Kill team. I tried out some Slap-Chop style painting on these models. The uniform is a layer of Vallejo sep

Stargrave Case 9 - lets get back to the ship

We have almost made it back to the ship. We had arrived at the maintenance hanger, and only needed to get down to the launch bays to board our ship. However Inquisitor Malus and the Orks have the same idea so its going to be crowded. In addition, the ground crew and the security detachment for the hanger have all been infected by the plague and have become victims of the plague of unbelief. Here are the team making their way to the hanger. Here is an overview of the table. This was a great chance to break out some 40k planes. This scenario inspired me to paint my Thunderbolt. I bought it 20 years ago tried to paint it, didn't like it and it stalled for most of the last 20 years. I also made progress with my converted Storm Raven. The Blips are the zombies and are revealed when we can see them. Inquisitor Rathbourne lead the team into the hanger. We discovered a fatty zombie. These are horrible because they explode showering everyone within 3 inches in nasty stuff. The team were run

Stargrave Case 8 - please do not shoot at the nuclear reactor.

On the way back to our spaceship, Engineer Rumzen advised that he was detecting unusual radiation emissions.  "These reading look like someone is releasing warp particles into real space. That is not sanctioned by the Adeptus Mechanicus".  "Anything that might weaken the fabric of real space when we have so many infected on the station sounds like something we need to stop before it becomes a full-scale demonic incursion." Here is the reactor, surrounded by some labs and storage bunkers. Surrounding the emitter tower is a shaft that goes down into the bowls of the station. - Watch your step. The inquisition team arrive into what could have been a store room for equipment. Now after the plague outbreak every room looks like a warzone and there are many tales of last stands described in the placement of equipment and barricades.  There was a blip on our motion detectors but it turned out to be a distortion caused by the warp particles. (Blips are a "false alarm&q