Hobby Update - Kill Teams

We have completed our Stargrave Quadrant 37 mini campaign. This was lots of fun. To continue the narrative, I split Inquisitor Rathbourne's team into two by promoting his Interrogator to full Inquisitor. So they both get new Lieutenants. The existing crew is split up. Some didn't like each other (Beaumont threw a Grenade at Willimas in one scenario).

Here is Inquisitor Rathbourn's crew. He has gotten a new coat. Chef Rybeck has been rebuilt as a servitor Gunner. We have Bob and Kate our drones,
Inquisitor Thatcher has a new crew including some of the old crew (Beaumont, Graeme and Dr Needles) and some that look like previous models.
I bought some 3D printed Corrupted Guard. These took quite a while to arrive from France.
I am making an Intercessor kill team out of some models I had. These are Sons of Medusa.
These are some more 3D printed models that will be a Blooded Kill team. I tried out some Slap-Chop style painting on these models. The uniform is a layer of Vallejo sepia ink. This stuff is very thick so does a good job of acting like a contrast paint. The metal is Burnt Iron, over the zenethal undercoat its almost self-highlighting (yeah for Vallejo Metal Air paints).
I bought this Beastman Kill Team from Borthwick Gaming. These have some paint on them and are coming along nicely.
I got this Inquisition Kill Team from a Etsy Store in Spain. These are very nice. There are also some extra models. I ran out of the GW style 25mm bases, so these are mounted on Rendra stone textured round bases.

Meanwhile in a much more civilised age, I have an Original Series bridge crew. These are 3D printed models. These could be used for a different Stargrave campaign , 5 Parsecs from Home or Mars Code Aurora.


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