Stargrave Case 9 - lets get back to the ship

We have almost made it back to the ship. We had arrived at the maintenance hanger, and only needed to get down to the launch bays to board our ship.

However Inquisitor Malus and the Orks have the same idea so its going to be crowded. In addition, the ground crew and the security detachment for the hanger have all been infected by the plague and have become victims of the plague of unbelief.

Here are the team making their way to the hanger.

Here is an overview of the table. This was a great chance to break out some 40k planes. This scenario inspired me to paint my Thunderbolt. I bought it 20 years ago tried to paint it, didn't like it and it stalled for most of the last 20 years. I also made progress with my converted Storm Raven. The Blips are the zombies and are revealed when we can see them.
Inquisitor Rathbourne lead the team into the hanger. We discovered a fatty zombie. These are horrible because they explode showering everyone within 3 inches in nasty stuff. The team were running low on ammo so proceeded to run out of ammo a lot in this game. In the end we managed to kill off the fatty.
Dr Needles had gotten bitten in the last mission and he promptly turned into a zombie. (he promptly rolled a 1 for his zombie plague test)
Across the Hanger the Orks came boiling into the hanger. Their gunner passed his zombie plague test.
Inquisitor Malus led her team into the hanger. You got an extra 5 xp per model that exits the hanger in the side opposite. This was a feat that no one managed to achieve.
Being an inquisitor is about doing the hard things. Without a second thought Rathbourne blasted the zombie that Dr Needles had become. The purifying fire of the Emperors light removed all the infection from him. The Inquisitor then moved up with some of the team and recovered the data loot. he supporting soldiers engaged the zombies. Some of the soldiers were down to using their pistols. Several blips of zombies were pooring through the doors and they needed to be dealt with.
Inquisitor Malus was advancing under clouds of smoke. The Orks thought this was very unsporting and began lobbing grenades into the clouds of smoke. This began a long runnign battle between the two groups.
Memeber's of Malus's team have unlocked another loot toke only to find another blip of zombies has arrived to cut off their escape route.
Interrogator Thatcher lead parft of the team towards another loot toke. Engineer Rumzan unlocked it with his advanced lock picks. Bzzt the Mule then picked up the treasure and legged it off the board.
A group of zombies arrived behind the Interrogator, so her team had to turn around and spend a turn shooting them up.
Trooper Sugden, moved around to draw line of sight to the blips and more zombies were revealed.
After the team had shot flamed and grenaded the zombies. several are down and the rest are damaged.
Malus and the Orks are fighting in the smoke. Further down the zombies are fighting my soldiers across the pipe. Trooper Sugden proved to be an expert with his bayonet. I think he killed three zombies that way and none with his lasgun. Rathbourne has linked up with Rumzen and Thatcher and they have engaged the Orks around the Thunderbolt.
BSM WIlliams has advanced to secure another loot token. A zombie arrived behind him but is promptly blasted by the Inquisitor and his purifying fire.
The Ork Warboss has entered the fight. Gak and the Warboss ended up in hand-to-hand combat and twice drew with each other. the second time, they simultaneously took each other out.
The string represents the malfunctioning air-gate system. Normally it would turn on to prevent air loss when a craft moved down to the launch deck but now its randomly flickering all over and it creates a barrier that you can't move, see or shoot through.
Williams is now able to pick up his loot token without any problems, Some more zombie soldiers arrive behind us and Trooper Sugden was calling for help while covering the rear.
Chef Rybeck fell back to help Sugden and managed to lightly toast the zombies before his flamer ran out of fuel.
George is running out of Orks, the Orkish Drone has made it out of sight and is now safe to make it off the table. Williams is ready to pick up the loot when a zombie lurched through the door. Gunner Graeme promptly blasted it with his plasma gun.

The Climax of the batle between Malus and the Orks with random zombies adding to the chaos.
Bruh Aargh lived up to his name and promptly got taken out by a zombie with a toothbrush shiv. Malus's team can't escape to the left so have to exit via the top of the table.
The team makes it to the stairwell with their loot.
Everyone survived except Chef Rybeck who rolled a 4 and then rerolled into a 4. Engineer Rumzen advised that they had managed to recover 47% of his organic tissue. He Could be rebuilt with the blessings of the Omnisiah and so continue to serve.

We made it with 250 in cash, 100 in information and an alien trinket that we promptly sold.

George was talking about exploring other capabilities in his crew. So I decided to split my crew. Interrogator Thatcher gets promoted to full Inquisitor and took some of the old crew with her. Rathbourne picked up another apprentice and recruited some members to fill out his new crew.

This was an excellent campaign and great to wrap it up just in time for the Christmas break.


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