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Hobby Updates - painting updates and TTRPG

I played another game of the Alien TTRPG with an international online crew. We completed the mission but the got completely screwed over by our boss. Very Alien. I have also been painting some Star Wars Imperial Assault models. Here are some Wampa Ice Creatures, these could be useful for both Stargrave and Frostgrave. Here are some Imperial Snow Troopers. I have been trying to paint white using different base colours. the cloth I painted using Deck Tan and Ivory. The armour I painted using a white grey base. Trying to make different whites represent different materials. I also painted the two Wampas using the same different formulas for a slight variation.

Stargrave: 1999 Dead or Alive - Episode Two

A scouting mission has failed to return so Commander Koenig has lest a rescue team. At least one crew member has been captured by Manix Phage a notorious criminal who could convert any captured crew into cyborgised battle servitors. Manix has a security team of humans and robots.  Eagle two was set down nearby and the crew entered a rocky maze on foot. The team move out across the windswept ground. Advancing across a tortured landscape of wind eroded rock. A security bot equipped with a flamer unit approaches the Aphan's. These are tough. You can stun them but they will still keep functioning at full effect until destroyed. If this thing gets close it could cause a lot of problems. Additional members of Manix's security team advance through the rocks. A short range firefight and melee breaks out with the security team The security robot is taken out of commission before it can fire. Another trooper is also taken out by Maya who is now sprouting toxic claws and armoured scales.

Sstargrave: 1999 - Dead or Alive. Episode One

The life support systems on Moonbase Alpha are failing. Dagrin the Soulshark, stole some vial components. Commander John Koenig leads a brave crew in pursuit onboard Eagle 2. Tracking the interlopers ship to a patch of jungle nearby planet.  Chief Pilot Alan Carter, Kano the computer whisperer and a Runner from Main Mission. John Koenig, a Grenadier, a Commando and a new security Recruit. Maya, Tony and a Commando The main objective, Dagrin, a robotic gunner, a robot Trooper and a Recruit Two Commandos and a Recruit A Grenadier and two recruits. We open proceedings with a Target Locked frag grenade. The time for negotiation is over, its clobbering time. Dagrins grenadier returns the favour. however this one was a dud because it inflicted no damage. The commandos advance towards Alan and Kano, Alan dodges the first salvoes of gunfire. The Grenardier and recruits tracking through the undergrowth. Tony, Maya, the Trooper and Commando, take cover behind the buildings. "I don't lik