Sstargrave: 1999 - Dead or Alive. Episode One

The life support systems on Moonbase Alpha are failing. Dagrin the Soulshark, stole some vial components. Commander John Koenig leads a brave crew in pursuit onboard Eagle 2. Tracking the interlopers ship to a patch of jungle nearby planet. 

Chief Pilot Alan Carter, Kano the computer whisperer and a Runner from Main Mission.
John Koenig, a Grenadier, a Commando and a new security Recruit.
Maya, Tony and a Commando
The main objective, Dagrin, a robotic gunner, a robot Trooper and a Recruit
Two Commandos and a Recruit
A Grenadier and two recruits.
We open proceedings with a Target Locked frag grenade. The time for negotiation is over, its clobbering time.
Dagrins grenadier returns the favour. however this one was a dud because it inflicted no damage.
The commandos advance towards Alan and Kano, Alan dodges the first salvoes of gunfire.
The Grenardier and recruits tracking through the undergrowth.
Tony, Maya, the Trooper and Commando, take cover behind the buildings. "I don't like the rain on this planet". Maya has now transformed to include razor sharp claws and armour plates.
The Moonbase crew enter into a firefight with Dagrin and his bodguard. The Robots are both stunned but functional. The Trooper takes out Dagrin with a critical shot.
In true security trooper tradition, sets off a Proximity mine and ends up wounded.
Alan, Kano and the Runner face down the commandos. "I'm starting to think I brought a knife to this gunfight"
The Commandos blast Alan and stun the Runner.
A huge melee erupts in the middle of the table. Maya sinks her toxic claws into a recruit. The Commando takes down the trooper and the Grenadier and Trooper are fighting are fighting the gunner. Tony has engaged another recruit.
Kano, channels his inner BA Barracus and critically stabs a commando. The Runner gets up and manages to dodge the shot from the commando and recruit.
The Commando takes down the Robot trooper
The other astronauts take down the robot gunner and close in on the Recruits.
Maya's claws rip up another recuit and the Astronauts take down the last.
Kano shanks the last commando and races for the treasure.
it was at this point that I remembered the complication that the jungle is teaming with life. 3 convicts are heading towards Kano
A giant worm arrives and heads towards Maya and her group.
John Koenig shanks the enemy recruit and rescues the wounded runner, they head off towards Kano and the loot..
A Ferrox atttacks Kano, he drives off the beast wounding it he also ends up in a fight with the convicts.
Maya's squad get attacked by a Mindripper. This leaps on Maya and takes control of her body.
Kano takes down two of the convits but is felled by the third just as John Koenig arrive to rescue him. Koenig takes down the last convict and drives off the Ferrox.
A second Ferrox arrives and the Grenadier arrives to help out.
The crew struggle to get the Mindripper off Maya its armour 18 so you need a big roll to kill it. A Gauch tries to interfere and secure some loot but is convinced to shop elsewhere by the Commando.
After watching the Runner win several fights and kill one of the Ferrox, I try to get a bit clever and the Runner dies trying to drive off the Ferrox. John Koenig then slays the creature and moves next to the treasure.
A Warp Hound and a Magmite attack. Warp Hounds are all kinds of bad, the Grenadier drives this one back but is then taken down by the Magmite. Koenig unlocks the treasure and runs off the table.
Maya's crew move off towards the other treasure. The wounded commando peels off and heads for the table edge.
They need to be careful because a Warbot is tracking them. Those are all kinds of bad as well.
As his last crewman falls. John Koenig picks up the treasure and undertakes a tactical retreat. (that's what they call running away at military school). There was no upside to fighting two dangerous creatures.
Tony, Maya and the Trooper try to work out whether they can get the last treasure before they get eaten by the Warp Hound or stomped by the Warbot. 
The Warbot tracking multiple targets. It can shoot at three targets a turn.
If we can shoot the Warp Hound then we can collect the treasure before the warbot gets to us. Maya fails to regenerate and remains wounded.
with the shooting completely ineffective, our crew race for the edge of the table and safety.
The four members of the crew that were reduced to zero health during the game all survive. Maya, the Commando and the Recruit were all walking wounded.
Out of ten models that was the survivors, three wounded and 4 causalties.

The one piece of loot we recovered turned out to be a suite of advanced combat armour with inbuilt shotgun.

We end up with 250 in gold from the Bounty on Dagin and 245 experience. I allocated one level to each character.

A very exciting game with loads of pressure coming from the constant stream of monsters.


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