Stargrave: 1999 Dead or Alive - Episode Two

A scouting mission has failed to return so Commander Koenig has lest a rescue team. At least one crew member has been captured by Manix Phage a notorious criminal who could convert any captured crew into cyborgised battle servitors. Manix has a security team of humans and robots. 

Eagle two was set down nearby and the crew entered a rocky maze on foot.

The team move out across the windswept ground.

Advancing across a tortured landscape of wind eroded rock.
A security bot equipped with a flamer unit approaches the Aphan's. These are tough. You can stun them but they will still keep functioning at full effect until destroyed. If this thing gets close it could cause a lot of problems.
Additional members of Manix's security team advance through the rocks.
A short range firefight and melee breaks out with the security team
The security robot is taken out of commission before it can fire. Another trooper is also taken out by Maya who is now sprouting toxic claws and armoured scales. We also engage the recruit. Who wears an evening gown to a security gig? An armoured robotic trooper is approaching in the background.
Manix Phage is patrolling the area. His movement instructions have her walking backwards and forwards. A mind ripper approaches Manix and gets blasted by the auto defense weapon systems.
Manix's Grenadier lobs a frag grenade into the Aphan crew. We are getting great at dodging frag grenades.
A relic of past wars, a War Bot aproaches. These things are lethal. heavy armour, redundant systems, advanced ECM suite and multiple autofire weapons. It enters the area of operations and immediately blasts down Manix's heavy trooper.
The War Bot is now closing on my Grenadier. He is wounded but makes three defense rolls to dodge the incoming fire. two are critical successes.
Commander Koenig takes down the Grenardier in hand to hand combat. The Grenadier was a complete beast, he took out or injured several members of the team before we finished him off.
The Warbot takes out Tony.
Commander Koenig takes out Manix with one shot. He had overcharged his weapon and the additional damage made all the difference. Maya, Alan and the commando made it as well.
The Brave Grenadier finally falls but did a great job distracting all the creatures.
Commander Koenig, used his comlink to unlock a data package Alan freed the hostage and escorted her to safety. Maya grabbed the last data package and together with the commando we exfiltrated off the table.
Helena the new medic did stella duty running around and removing the wounded condition from several crew members during the game.
We suffered 4 casualties, Kano and Tony recovered, the Grenadier is badly wounded so will be on half health next game. The Sentry died.
We raked in over 500 credits with the bounty on Manix and the hostage. The data loot turned out to be more cash and some information. We used this to upgrade the medical suite on the pod. 


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