Red King Campaign - the Ringworld of the Red King

 Alan and I played the final scenario of the Red King campaign. In this scenario out bands of brave heroes have finally entered the realm of the Red King.

We need to kill all 4 key masters that are trying to anchor the dimension of the Red King to that of Frostgrave. When all 4 Key Masters are killed the link will be severed, yes this is a problem for the person that kills the final Key Master because they become trapped in the Daemon Realm of the Red King.

Can we figure it out so that someone who is expendable finished off the final Key Master or will valuable troops or worse a wizard be trapped for eternity?

Here is an overview of the daemon dimension of the Red King.
One of the 4 Key Masters. These are Will +10 so are almost immune to all magic that needs them to fail a will save.
One of the groups of Hrud patrolling the area.
Another Key Master and some Hrut.
My Warband appearing over the dimensional Bridge, definitely down and not safe. Hrut closing on both sides.
Alans Warband heads off to the other end of the pocket dimension. Half the Hrut are out of phase, indicated by the tokens. Models can't interact with models that are in a different phase to them.
My apprentice leads a group to attack this Key Master.
We manage to blow up a Hrut with a banish and use our illusionary soldier to distract them, unfortunately he distracted them for about 3 seconds before being dispelled by a mace to the face. My Thief has scuttled over and is ready to pick up the central treasure.

My Knight ended up in combat with a Hrut both rolled a critical 20 so both warriors managed to kill each other.
A group of Hrut race down to attack my Thief.
My Warband surround the Key Master.
We take down the Key Master and set off in pursuit of the other one. My Thief managed to get away from the Hrut in the middle and teleport over to the Key Master tag him and depart to the world of Frostgrave where is slightly safer. Much had also grabbed a treasure and ported out. He is the only member of the warband that survived throughout the whole campaign and never changed his soldier type or model.
Alan's warband is chasing a Kay Master up a ruined tower. Alan is buffing up if Were Rat-Bear. 
A Hrut Longhammer attacks Lassie. Eventually the brave dog is taken down.
Another couple of Hrut appeared in deployment point 5. This proved to be a popular part of town.
The Key Master has moved up to the top of the tower. not bad with Random movement.
My warband are closing in on the second Key Master. This one has got itself stuck in a corner and kept flipping out of phase and then back in. 
Another Murder Posse of Hrut materialise at deployment point 5.
Disaster, We have been trying to corral the Key Master so we could line him up for a group combat. However he bumps into Robin and kills him with a Critical 20. I have been casting buffs on my Zombie, its now fight 7 and armour 15. 
Disaster part 2 Marion moves over, the Key Master bumps into her and Marion kills it with a critical hit. Now the only way back to Frostgrave is via touching the last keymaster at the other end of the board.
Yes, that one waving at me being chased by Alan's warband.
The Hrut Murder Posse is racing towards my Zombie. Everyone else is out of phase with them so they won't attack them until there is no one else.
Marion casts Teleport and leaps over and tags the last Key Master disappearing back to Frostgrave.
My Zombie fights the entire murder posse by itself. The Last Hrut takes it down with a Critical Hit.
Guess what? More Hrut appear at deployment point 5.
My warband members make it to the bottom of the tower. Hoping they can get to the Key Master in time. Brother Michael is wounded by a crossbow bolt and is falling behind.

However its slightly too late, The Key Master has put up an Epic fight, it killed Alan's Apothecary and put a Critical Hit on the Rat-Bear. However with all the Spells on the creature it survived. Then struck back with a Critical Hit of its own. The last Key Master was killed and Frostgrave was saved. 

In this last battle, Robin, Lassie and my Knight were killed in combat and Brother Michael, Richard of Leaford and Eric of Wickham were stranded in the daemon world.

We will get back Chevallier Des Guise and my Flailman. But the number of followers definately needs replenishing.

I think that's all for group Frostgrave for a while. We have been playing with this group of players and warbands for about 8 months. So I think its time for a change of system.


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