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Knight Household - Dragons march to war

Work is progressing on building my Knight Household army for 40K. This army is quite different to the ones I already have. It also represents an opportunity to stretch my modelling and painting skills. Here are my three Knights, I have an Errant, a Paladin and a Warden. I have magnetised the weapons which is something I have not tried before. I managed to get two magnets in the wrong way round so they needed some remedial action. It is trickier than it looks ot get the magnets lining up just right. I also bought some metal colour paints to try airbrushing I probably have not used the Airbrush in 30 years so that will be fun.  I have been making some bases for the army. I have tree bark to provide the rocky texture and sand to provide a basis for the dirt and snow. Here are my Infantry. These models are also 30 years old. their job is to run along behind the knights and increase the body count around objectives. They can also prevent the knights from getting swamped

40k the pitter patter of giant metal feet

I got inspired to build a new army for 40K at the club. I am building a knight household. For 1500 points I can get three knights and a platoon of infantrymen. I can't quite get a battalion of infantry without gutting the knights of weapons. This isn't an army I have played before or one that anyone else plays at the club so it will be different. The modelling opportunities on the three knights are significant and I get to use my ancient imperial guard models as supporting infantry. Now I get to paint the army in house Targaryn inspired colours and dragon and flame images. I think the new 40k will be really popular at our club so I hope we can have regular sessions where plenty of members bring their armies down for some games. It will also give me a change to use the Astrosyntethis program and stellar sector I build years ago to provide background for our narrative games.

Call to Arms 2017

Last weekend was my clubs annual wargaming convention. We have been running this for about 40 years. This year we had just over 100 participants enjoying a number of different events and demonstration games. this is a chance to see how diverse our hobby is and its also a great chance to meet new people and see them enjoying their hobby.