40k the pitter patter of giant metal feet

I got inspired to build a new army for 40K at the club. I am building a knight household. For 1500 points I can get three knights and a platoon of infantrymen. I can't quite get a battalion of infantry without gutting the knights of weapons. This isn't an army I have played before or one that anyone else plays at the club so it will be different.

The modelling opportunities on the three knights are significant and I get to use my ancient imperial guard models as supporting infantry.

Now I get to paint the army in house Targaryn inspired colours and dragon and flame images.

I think the new 40k will be really popular at our club so I hope we can have regular sessions where plenty of members bring their armies down for some games. It will also give me a change to use the Astrosyntethis program and stellar sector I build years ago to provide background for our narrative games.


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